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Old Soul in the New Age


I am the whispering wind

in the cold night;

the shooting star 

with a trail of white;

I am all worlds; I am a tale;

I am the bird heralding the gale…

I am the dawn, the dusk,

the will o’ th’ wisp;

I am the footprint on the sand,

and the rescue ship;

I am daylight, and the pall,

I am the storm after the lull…

I am all ages,

The timeless sea;

One with nature,

the breeze and the trees.

Sparks of fire are the soul of me,

I’m all that was, is, and will be…

© Isha Garg

Doodle by Isha Garg


63 thoughts on “Old Soul in the New Age”

  1. You are indeed all that is, and will be poetess!
    You are a soul burning with feel and life. You are a deluge of emotion; a river flowing down a mountain into the sea. Unrestrained and limitless. I love what you do… I’m swept along by your rich expression … 💟🌸😘

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I just checked.. haha, there were so many 😍😍😍 from u!😂🤗 I am so happy. But I may not be able to fulfill the demands as of now, as I am busy with some interviews. But I will surely do, once I get some time.. hope u won’t mind🤞

        Liked by 1 person

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