Ishaisms, March

Ishaism – March

Your divine presence makes a devotee of me, deifying you in deluging hymns, and percolating prayer beads of praises! © Isha Garg ( I dedicate this to my dear friend, Diana, since the phrase that served as inspiration for this Ishaism was born during our conversation! )

Ishaisms, Reflections


Have you ever wondered, dear reader, what it would be like to go back in time and meet the child that you were- and tell that happy, innocent, and carefree person, that things would, and will, change; to look right into the eyes of your past and say that the people who seem invincible, would… Continue reading GROWING UP

Ishaisms, Nature, Poetry

Farmer’s Song

The earth longs for the rain, the thundering of the clouds; the freshness in the air and retreat of the drought… When will this famine leave, when will lives prosper? When will times improve and life be better? Oh, after the rain, how fresh the air; how green the grasses effulge everywhere! Drenched fields grow… Continue reading Farmer’s Song