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Ishaism – June

The Mountains talk of the world, then shed mighty rivers - reminiscent, reproachful...resigned... © Isha Garg

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Vernal breezes, silver showers - the lonely maiden dreams in her bower, watching a bird take flight above the tower, sighing, 'Lord, I wish I had that power!' Crisp grains of sand in the scorching desert; cracks in the barren ground running haphazard - the dusty, parched traveller beholds water - 'If only a mirage… Continue reading VISIONS

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The Kingdom of Nature

Azure sky; diamond dews resting on green leaves like jewels; emerald moss, turquoise river, reflecting the ruby sun’s fiery glitter! Dazzling hues, a total seven - mortal Earth’s bridge to immortal Heaven! Dark blanket of the enveloping night, with silver and gold dots shining bright - drizzle your sapphires on me from the cracks of… Continue reading The Kingdom of Nature