Ishaisms, Nature, Poetry

The Kingdom of Nature

Azure sky; diamond dews resting on green leaves like jewels; emerald moss, turquoise river, reflecting the ruby sun’s fiery glitter! Dazzling hues, a total seven - mortal Earth’s bridge to immortal Heaven! Dark blanket of the enveloping night, with silver and gold dots shining bright - drizzle your sapphires on me from the cracks of… Continue reading The Kingdom of Nature

Ishaisms, Reflections

The Real and the Required

The world has taken to judging its members for too long now; trying to mould them into being someone ‘socially very acceptable’ while ironically preaching about ‘being yourself’’; deploring ‘herd mentality’, yet at the same time practicing ‘fitting in.’ One wonders at such hypocrisy. It is time to start encouraging people to be what they… Continue reading The Real and the Required