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In Your Memory

The soul isn’t meant to rest in peace

for the soul is ethereal, the soul is free,

the soul flies away to worlds unseen,

leaving to ashes and dust the body they’d been.

No eulogy to express what your life meant to mine;

suffice to say that all I am is due to endeavours thine…

Death kept no calendar, dear departed, so fare thee well…

It will not do, in the misery of the dead past to dwell.

You were Nature and it’s only natural you returned to the elements,

became one with the Mother, no possessions, no raiment.

First with water, then fire, then the earth and lo! all in the air…

You’re right here in my heart, who says you’ve gone anywhere?

What you were lives on in this life you touched till the very end,

mother and teacher, guide and friend…

From the eye of the golden halo, you’re with me in spirit –

in the night through the moon and stars, in the morning through dawn’s mist…

All earthly love, dear soul, is doomed love, all is meant to cease –

know that on earth you were most loved; and know, I too have learned to be at peace!

(Dedicated to a dearly missed departed soul.)

© Isha garg

Doodle by Isha Garg

54 thoughts on “In Your Memory”

  1. I was always told that souls that left the bodies on Earth, rest somewhere in stars. Souls are eternal, they never die. I went through all at once in your poetry. Death is the ultimate truth and we do accept it. It is difficult to live without our loved ones, but I know they are always with us.😊 A beautiful dedication to lost souls❤️ You took my heart with this.💖

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    1. You have a way of writing that speaks directly to the reader’s heart, Sameera. Your comment is so kind and touching… Thank you so much.
      You took my heart with your comforting words ❤❤❤

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      1. That means a lot to me Saneera… I could read your poems forever, they’re beautiful in the true sense of the word. I’m just sorry I missed so many posts because of WP’s tricks, although I did get to read them on Insta once in a while, and loved them. Take care 🌷❤😇

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  2. A beautiful poem! So sorry that someone you loved has crossed over. I like the concept of “the soul being set free “ and your loved one’s “spirit living on in your heart”! Your words are so comforting.! 💙. Namaste.

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  3. People who we love so dearly never really leave us. No doubt, we are all dust and unto dust we shall return; the soul reaches places where memories are created for lifetimes!

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    1. They say the loved ones never really leave but some days I really wish they were actually here, Valencia… I love your positive, healing words and I’m so glad the poem moved you so! Thank-you dear, wonderful lady ❤

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  4. I’m so touched by this sweet Isha. If this was read at a memorial there would be tears and the sombre silent cheers of mournful hearts. Who am I to judge your talent? As a reader and friend I am perhaps a little biased but it was your talent that captured me first and continues to grip hard….. ❤

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    1. ‘Little’ biased? I don’t think so. You’re completely biased lol. This was ordinary poetry, just full of emotions, which by now, (after all our emails 😏) you know full well the significance and allusion of. You have, and will always been a shining star of a friend in (and out of) WP, and I can never express my gratitude in mere words, for your beautiful, enriching friendship ❤

      P.S- Speaking of talent gripping hard… I just read The Bride and I’m still in a trance. Just shared it with my sister. I cannot eggstricate myself from its effect!

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      1. I’m only a shining star because of your radiant warmth, support and “eggs”uberant attentions. I thank WP everyday for our connection, and all the tremendous entertainment therewith-in! Mwah!

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      2. Thank you my eggsemplary friend ❤ one of these days I will actually forget the real spellings of ex words… The autocorrect on my phone has already given up on me like eh, chuck it (you know where)!

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      3. I know where haha!
        Yes my auto-correct has surrendered as well. This is how all new words enter the lexicon of the everyday; we are actually bringing about change in the language, although it’s eggscuciatingly slow 😉

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    1. Thank you so much Drew! Although I’ve grown up with the belief in souls, I started believing in the twinflame energy only since a couple of years ago. It’s strange how overwhelmingly empty not believing feels like once you’ve been awakened! So glad for you and Nandita! 😊

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