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The Kingdom of Nature

Azure sky; diamond dews

resting on green leaves like jewels;

emerald moss, turquoise river,

reflecting the ruby sun’s fiery glitter!

Dazzling hues, a total seven –

mortal Earth’s bridge to immortal Heaven!

Dark blanket of the enveloping night,

with silver and gold dots shining bright –

drizzle your sapphires on me from the cracks

of the cloudy white pearls when morn replaces black!

What is Nature but a great big treasure –

with beauty and finery beyond measure?

May god in his bounty grant it grace,

And from theft and plunder keep it safe!

© Isha Garg

39 thoughts on “The Kingdom of Nature”

    1. Thank you so much, Diana… I found this last night in an old diary and posted it. I love how you call it a “verbal soundtrack” – talk about fresh and inspired ❤😍


  1. Resplendent, is the word that comes to mind as I read this treatise on nature. Each and every line exemplifies the glory of the kingdom except the last which ends up with its misgivings.

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