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Ishaism – August

Look to the lighthouses of hope when you're at sea - the shore isn't far, o lost one, the shore isn't far... © Isha Garg

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What weight of burden does it take for the soul to give up? What state of sorrow laden in the heart makes it so feeble? What fear, what apprehension does make the mind tremble? What makes one shun oneself from the world and escape into a blur? Hide away from all memories, from existence, from… Continue reading Hopelessness

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The Currently Classic

A gossamer affection dipped in monochrome is born, as the uncrowded lanes of memory we walk down; nostalgia nonchalantly negates the chrysalis within our souls making hearts soar as we near this tedious technicolour world... We dream of the classics in our waking realities, crave for a drop of poetry in this mundane madness -… Continue reading The Currently Classic