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Ishaism – September

And so, the long awaited Spring, sent word of its coming...on those leafy messengers of the Fall... © Isha Garg

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It’s funny how I’ve never had a conversation as honest, as deep and as “me” as I had, and still do, with my diary- or journal- call it what you will. And it’s funny since that’s not really a conversation; a one-sided one at most.  Any person who ever came as close to being a… Continue reading COLOUR OF THE SOUL

Ishaisms, Reflections

On these times…

Dear reader, I’ve sometimes noticed how people, well most of them anyway, have trouble making and maintaining eye contact throughout the course of a conversation or remaining unperturbed and engaged, in the face of distraction – tending to be more comfortable talking (typing, chatting) behind a screen than actually conversing or meeting. Can we actually… Continue reading On these times…