Ishaisms, Poetry


Where have you gone, leaving empty tomorrows,

like a breeze in the meadows,

a transient shadow?

Where have you gone, leaving me so forlorn,

no lap to rest my head upon,

no one to call my own?

Where have you gone in the vast void,

a life untimely destroyed,

a home’s lost pride?

Now people throw sticks and stones,

perceiving me alone,

your shielding arms gone…

Now verbal darts are hit,

by every mongrel on the street,

to watch me fall and bleed….

If only you could come down here and see,

how difficult and different everything is,

between the devil and the deep sea…

If only you could save me from the masked ones,

cast night away like the bright sun,

and end this raging storm!

Where have you gone, in these trying times?

I need you, to be fine…

I need you, dear divine…

© Isha Garg

24 thoughts on “Void”

  1. You never disappoint Isha. This was gorgeous. Your opening lines set the tone for a beautifully written and profound piece. This flowed and pulsated with beauty. Loved the lines of if you could come down and see all the way through to the devil and the deep sea.

    Reading you is like going to a Poetry Doctor and getting a shot of inspiration.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. It’s more like sadness and disappointment doesn’t disappoint, Drew – it always leaves behind some poetry. We poets are known to make a muse out of our sorrows!
      Having said that, I must tell you how very grateful I am for your evergreen kindness and genuine appreciation for what I do.

      Poetry Doctor – I will never forget haha. Inspiring the Lonely Author is an achievement!

      Liked by 1 person

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