Ishaisms, Poetry


As the shore thirsts for kisses

from the soft cool waves,

and the coy leaves

in the boughs heave,

for the rough wind’s embrace –

does a reminiscent heart pine away

in longing, through the nights and days.

© Isha Garg

26 thoughts on “Longing…”

      1. I am doing well. Thanks
        Another thing I do is I don’t blog read everyday. It can wear you down. Also I usually take the weekends off. I saw your email notification pop up. So i read and commented. I may read 4 or 5 posts today. My favorite poets.

        Keep yourself rested. Don’t want to lose your beautiful writing. Then, i will truly feel longing.

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      2. Oh believe me, I know that feeling of being worn down by blog readings. Taking the weekends off sounds good! I’m honoured to be one of the poets you wouldn’t miss reading 😊

        You’re very kind! Warm regards.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. A blessed warmth bathes this grateful reader as she takes in your words, dear Ishu.
    This reader must also again apologize for her wayward attention…still focussed on the glorious sights, flavours and moments of your country! 💜🥰😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

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