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On this day, last year…

Dear reader, on this day, last year, I blogged for the very first time. A passionate writer and amateur doodle artist found her way into a large and glorious community of like minded, passionate writers, readers, musicians, artists, and friends who were not only involved in the creative process themselves, but also welcomed newbies with an overwhelmingly warm heart and open arms, and kept them going, with abundant appreciation and love.

With the enriching experience of a year of blogging I can verily exclaim how exciting a journey it has been..!

Writing began at about 7, as an uncontrollable urge to create, to let the ‘artistic demon‘ out; turning at one point into what I would, in retrospect, term as a coping mechanism, an escape; and continued once more with a thrust, as something to be done for the sheer, fulfilling, soul satisfying love (and habit) of it! Now writing is breathing, writing is life!

Today, as I step into the second year of this wonderful journey, I want to thank the divine for bringing into my life my compassionate, strong and grounding soul tribe – the people of substance who have always been my support system and held my hand through the darkest times, and of course, you, my dear reader.

Without you, Ishaisms wouldn’t be celebrating this special day. Without you, there’d be no memory of an experience, of the first comments, the first reblog, the first followers – the first 100, 500 and 1000! Every gesture of your kindness has been close to, and cherished by my heart, and so, I thank you once again, from the bottom of it.

Yet before I end this post I’d like to pay homage to the post that started it all, by quoting a few lines from it and posting one of the doodles that accompanied it –

And that is precisely why the writer writes, robed in words, to be undressed by some insightful reader who beholds the raw, pure truth behind the veil of words, and loves it in all its ugliness, and all its eloquence; knowing every secret, and extracting every ounce of wisdom from it; knowing every fear, and taking heart from it; knowing every darkness, to believe in the light; and seeing every bit of reality, covered in fiction and sweet rhyme; for words connect souls, and it is only through words, that one can be vulnerable enough to be truly known, truly understood and truly loved.”

With warmest regards and love,
Β© Isha Garg

Doodle by Isha Garg

35 thoughts on “On this day, last year…”

    1. Thank you, my dear friend, for always been such a gracious, adoring and ardent supporter of Ishaisms! It’s always been a coveted pleasure to read both your comments and your posts!


  1. Whenever I think of you, I always think of you as a long time blogger. It is just the way you always carry yourself (and your writing). You do everything with an elegance and grace not often found in young ladies as yourself.

    Belated happy anniversary. Looking forward to more brilliant and inspiring writing for you.
    Be well Isha.

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    1. Reading this first thing in the morning and I’m overcome with emotion and gratitude.
      Thank you very much Drew! I’m truly honoured to have come across a writer like you in the blogosphere. πŸ™

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  2. I deserve a word lashing for my belated reply …. ouch, eek! Oh that’s enough hehe.
    Happy Anniversary Ishu! Thank you for starting this blog, a blissful beacon in the storms of the virtual ether …. and a warm shelter of beautiful writing and true friendship πŸ‘­ πŸ’— πŸ’—

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