Ishaisms, Poetry


My branches are hardened the roots run deep no matter how I try they won't lose their grip... Degenerate, dejected, dry I thrive in the barren heath silence is my cry I suffocate underneath... Sucked of all joy springtime warmth is an enemy I crave not her smiles her caress is my misery... All leaves… Continue reading Arid

Death, Ishaisms, Poetry


On a dark twilight, over the hills for the life of me, in fear and vain, I fled as Death rode behind in a suit of armour - then beat me, and slayed me dead. He marched away as I did rewake to the sounds of the hoofbeats of the mare and kneeling, renewed, did… Continue reading Death

Ishaisms, Poetry

A Happy Heart

Look beyond the thorns to the red rose bushes for beautiful leaves on twisted branches azure streams amid treacherous forests dark clouds that the sustainer of life houses... Prickly pines with their pristine reaches diamond dews on the morning grasses the gleaming orange tree when the sun rises the God painted hues of varied sunsets...… Continue reading A Happy Heart