Ishaisms, Poetry

Unbecoming and Becoming

I’m tied –
a lost, anchored boat,
storm tossed
in an abandoned land –
with the water sizzling up
in a flame, a fiery chalice,
burning roped bridges,
wreaking red
and orange havoc
that smoulders,
crackles and drops,
as the lone soul runs
for dear life
and the gasping bridge
burns close behind…

Save me, father,
as I close my eyes,
not in prayer, nor in death
nor defeat, nor pain,
but a surrender
of a certain kind.
Suffering be not the be-all,
the everlasting :
what waits at the other end
must be more,
and as the gates give way
pull me swiftly
before darkness becomes
the end-all…

Don’t give up on me
nor take the sun
from my eyes, dimly lit
within the being;
don’t let the waves
swallow the sight
that beams – a Luna
lantern, ivory pale
in the shadowy night
that closes in on this
blind world,
where orbs obliterate
in plain sight…

Β© Isha Garg


24 thoughts on “Unbecoming and Becoming”

  1. Very well constructed verse, I love the way it starts, the storm tossed boats that we all feel like, the water in flames, the run, it’s simply amazing. But then you take it to acceptance and a helplessness with which I can’t identify, but no matter what we choose, it ends up with shadows crawling up in our blind worlds, is it because we look outwards whereas the orbs shine within?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG.

      I think I may need a moment to recuperate from the feels of that! (Glad I was sitting for that comment)!

      When one of the greatest poets on WordPress says “your work makes me dream of being a poet” – I don’t think any response can do justice to it except maybe a clichΓ©d OMG! Thank you so much Drew! You made my YEAR.


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