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Don’t aim for me when I’m gone,
when all there’s left are memories of old songs I sung;
don’t aim with roses or with a gun,
when all there’s left are memories of the tears and fun…

The birds have migrated to the West my love,
each and every empty nest now boasts of only a story,
which you, my poet, would sing in prose,
sing and sing and sing of all our glory…

The birds won’t return in the Summer, my love,
they have faced the dreaded Winter winds,
they revel in the nip and dance in the frost,
they’ve left memories of Spring behind..

The birds don’t sing anymore, my love,
they dance to a music only they can hear,
they kindle flames and therein burn,
then rise again, amid festive cheer…

Don’t aim for me when I’m gone,
but sing old songs we both have sung;
don’t aim with roses, or with a gun,
forget the tears, my love, remember the fun,
forget the tears… remember the love

Β© Isha Garg
Doodle by Isha Garg

47 thoughts on “OLD SONGS”

  1. This takes me to the works of my much admired poets of hundreds of years past. Rossetti, Teasdale …. your tone reminds me of their mournful longings. Their unrequited affections and quiet agonies. I’m an unabashed romantic and your words are like coloured feathers on a quiet pathway. I must stop, collect and admire….

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    1. I’ve read your words twice already, I love them so much! I’ll never forget this comment, Diana. I haven’t read much of Sara Teasdale, but I remember you being reminded of her in one of my earlier posts too… I will start reading her poems soon. But before that, let me take a moment to engage in some heartfelt praisonomics for that line you wrote –
      “your words are like coloured feathers on a quiet pathway”
      😍 Damn. I can’t stop admiring this! Your expressions are always so rich and imaginative, I’m always dazed with delight when I read them! ❀ Thank-you dearest Lady D!

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      1. Dearest Isha … the enthusiasm you ALWAYS present in reaction to my comments is so heart warming. You are a writer, an artist and friend whom I simply adore. You never fail to make me feel positive….thank you ❀

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  2. It’s in the conflict of the tone that this poem revels.. romantic, loving, melancholic, optimistic, it would feel different depending on the mood the reader is in. As for me I am in the mood to get sing the story of the empty nests πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful words, as usual. As for singing the story – if you do, please do it in poetry so that the list of ramblings left to read may go back to few from a couple. Hahah


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