Ishaisms, Poetry

O Howling Wind!

O howling wind

lead me back home

don’t let me roll

like aimless stones,

like dust, dissolve

in ancient seas,

or forgotten, revolve

in galaxies…

Speak of words

that guide me –

whispers of truth,

of eternity…

Lead me where

I find myself;

a solemn prayer

in love, to dwell…

O howling wind,

lead me back home

and leave me there –

but take my songs…

© Isha Garg


30 thoughts on “O Howling Wind!”

  1. I wish my musical talents were evolved enough to place a tune to this …. and I tell you, when that day comes …it is words like this that would elevate and garnish any melody I might conjure. Your words bring music to my thoughts as the lyrics coax heart strings. 🌺💜❤️🌺💃🏻

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  2. the howling wind is so deftly channeled, or is it the turmoil within, one may wonder. on the other hand, a poet would always choose to suffer instead of trading her songs for peace and direction, maybe the poet intends the wind to carry her songs to us, no more howling.

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    1. How is it that you provide me with insight into my own poem? Insightful as ever, ESP is an asset to WP.
      The poem was indeed conceived to the sounds of the howling wind stirring up a storm many mornings ago – mirroring the one within. Thank you so much for your appreciation, ESP!


  3. Beautifully crafted song…every word was felt…
    o howling wind lead me back home…for this lonesome soul has drifted to unknown shores…
    sry, couldn’t help than to borrow your phrases… I hope it’s okay 🙂
    Keep Writing and Keep Shining

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