Ishaisms, Poetry, Soul


1 Ideas don't last forever, poetry gets old. I'm marching to a tune that isn't my own; play pretend - a put-on calm and dignity - go to bed with sad thoughts on repeat (shame and sin and sonnets and soul) like the morning paper with its murkiness that makes me wanna cry and bare… Continue reading Dirges

Ishaisms, Poetry


Knowing it was a hopeless voyage, why did I get on this ship? Was it merely for the lure, the gratification, the thrill? What happens when the passengers desert me? What happens when I hit the dead end, no shore beneath my feet? What happens when it all breaks down, the vessel, the sails? What… Continue reading AFFLICTION

Ishaisms, Nature, Short Story

The Wind and the Tree

In the days of old, on an isolated icy mountain, far up the Northern belt of a place that now boasts only of ruins, of debris, of poetry - of the essence of a great love that once existed; a great battle, that once was fought; and the low, pining rustling of the suspicious, secluded,… Continue reading The Wind and the Tree