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No Greenlight to Gossips

[ I was reading my Diary the other day, and came across this piece from a few years ago; it made me laugh at places for I clearly remembered why I had written this, and though I have made my way to the other side, so to speak – I thought I’d post it for the sake of the girl who had penned it in a desperate hour of contemplation and heartache; in hopes that it may help some other, going through something similar, gain insight and know that they’re not alone. ]

Dear reader, do you ever feel like your life is an open book, at the mercy of inquisitive, curious, interfering gossips crowding around you, peering at your pages, soiling them with their drooling faces, ready to tear them raw with canine teeth and unclean claws; to read you, discuss you, deliberate on you and interpret you in their own twisted and spiced-up ways, lick the sweet off the print and then spew it sour like venom from their sewer mouths, into the ears of the next gossipmonger that marches along colossally, their (dim) wits about themselves, ready to repeat the scuttlebutting process?

It’s easy to say that you’re above it all and to not care, but does it really work that way? Doesn’t every human have a need of and claim to humanity? The truth of the matter is that no matter what you say, it somehow seeps in and gets to you – sway you from the things you deemed correct for yourself and instead dwell on doubts and the endless spiral of he-said, she-said.

Yet in all this, remember, it’s always you who holds the power to make or break your spirit. People talk – it’s what they do, but whether to listen to them or not, whether to believe them or not, is all up to you. Break free from the need to please everyone, for the plain truth is that you cannot.

Sometimes you’re lost, metaphorically, feel low and hold irrational fears. In such moments, never forget that you’re powerful enough to be in control of who you are and how you feel. You wear the crown, you hold the scepter, you rule your own kingdom. Others are mere advisers and civilians, and invaders. Come into your power and have the guts to write your own destiny, your own story, your own words. Life is too short, too precious, to waste time brooding on green eyed monsters and self proclaimed judiciaries.

© Isha Garg

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45 thoughts on “No Greenlight to Gossips”

  1. Wonderful girl she was.. considering she wasn’t as wise as Isha in now. Her contention that life is an open book, open to judgement, criticism, ridicule holds true for everyone. Glad she found out herself what others take a lifetime to realise.

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    1. Haha, a little bitter when she was mad, too 😛 which is why I was a bit nervous about posting this!
      Glad I did realise, yes… Thank-you ESP, for stopping by with such a thoughtful remark.. 😊😊💭


      1. Bitterness is innocence, even when it manifests itself in seemingly wise ppl. With time we learn to repackage our bitterness with condescension, sarcasm and such self appeasing acts.
        Your writing in diary was good post more 🙂

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      2. I love how your comments almost always make me put my thinking cap on… Very insightful, what you said… I guess it does never go away, just gets polished and presentable as you say! 😏

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  2. Thank you for sharing this Isha. It is always valuable to see the progress others have made and remember that no matter how much we think we have things figured out, we always have a lot to learn… You were actually wise then, you are much wiser now, and you will be even the more wise tomorrow. I look forward to seeing the brilliance with which you shine as you grow brighter and brighter.

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  3. You are such a fine writer: then, now and tomorrow!
    I read you ravenously with interest and admiration. So sincere you are and this piece draws me in. I wonder who the perpetrators were; they are probably still causing mischief in their interactions with fellow souls.
    There is certainly a time when we write to clear our thoughts, line them up like soldiers and let them march. For you are rightly their queen and they follow your command!
    🙂 ❤

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    1. I can never overestimate the pleasure of hearing from you! I can clearly imagine what you so picturesquely stated! Thank-you Diana! I’m lucky to have found such an ardent reader and friend in you! 💟❤👌🙏

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      1. I am here, devoted and hovering around Ishaisms like a seagull hovering over an azure sea.
        Or something like that hehe!
        Happy Monday dear lady!

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      2. I shall indeed, lovely lady! I have burnt the candle in both ends this sunny weekend … and shall sleep well after chatting with my delightful international friend! ❤️👭 🍭🍭

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  4. How introspective and wise indeed! People do talk and other people are often subject of that talk in both negative and positive lights. Our ego doesn’t recognize them as isolated events–it takes those events and weaves a story full of negativity and pain with villains in it–that’s what needs to break for once and for all–seeing distinct events as distinct events and delusions as departure from reality.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more! Yes, the before and after, the how and why of the event is ignored and a fabricated story is circulated, which travels without any delay and destination… There really needs to be a shift in perspective, ideas of what marks the boundaries and notions of respect… Thank-you Anand for such an outstanding feedback!👏👌🙏💭

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      1. My emphasis is on their being perceived than being circulated by external agencies. It’s our perception which makes circulation possible. If we take them as wrong perceptions they stop.

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      2. The younger me wanted to change every other mindset; now things have changed because somewhere I realized your point and employed it… Quite unconsciously though, out of having had enough!

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      3. That’s being conscious. Aware. Previous self was unconscious. You see film of life with a new eyeset now. Characters look similar yet so different.

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