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Forgive me, father, for I have sinned I've lied... conned myself into believing that something good is coming for me I've been deceitful... tricked everyone into thinking that I'm okay I've conspired, against the happiness of my own heart I've disbelieved in the beauty and capability of my own soul I've hurt the one I… Continue reading Confession

Ishaisms, Reflections

On the art of knowing…

We meet and interact with so many people in life, yet how many of those can we claim to truly know, despite regular meetings or communication? How many of them have realities that tend to differ from their projection of it? How many can never live up to the idea of them that we, in… Continue reading On the art of knowing…

Ishaisms, Poetry

Love : Questions, answers and common denominators

Dear reader...does love last forever? Can it, or should it? (I see I've got you in a fix and a little thrown too, with such a heavy question at the offset, but when it's about love, I think, it isn't right to meander about the topic or beat around the bush). I think no matter… Continue reading Love : Questions, answers and common denominators