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The Real in the Unreal

Dear reader, it’s funny how the world is so full of contradictions; how every time a proposition is presented, the contradictions come rushing in – the opponents, the critics, the naysayers. Not to sound too morose, but I find the greatest contradiction has manifested itself in regards to the impending inevitable, the doom, the death, the mortality, of life.

At times it seems as if we are such fools- confused, afraid and lost in an abyss of ignorance, where despite (presumably) knowing everything, we are in a mad rush to defy it, to prolong, to postpone, what we know will happen no matter what effort we put into it, or rather, against it.

Knowing death is inevitable, why do we discover new medicines to evade it? Can we evade it? What is the point in delaying it? Knowing lost time can never come back, why is there a constant attempt to create ‘time-machines’ and the like? What could possibly be the proper logic behind anti-ageing creams and the fountain of youth? Knowing that the people we love and care for will one day leave us only with painful memories of the past, why do we let ourselves fall victim to that pain? Believing immortality to be a myth, why do we try to achieve it?

It is true that we are a species lost in paradox, mind tricks, and what ifs?

No matter how I look at this, I find only one (some would say illogical) logic- we all want to believe in magic.

Being a poet and a dreamer, I’ve often dealt with those that think they’re a part of the rat-race, the fast world, while we ‘dreamers’ just sit back with our cuppa, the quill and the parchment, to carve verbal sculptures out of ink-drops; and those that think that philosophers and artists, (the vacant wanderers in the corridors of fantasy), couldn’t possibly care about the mighty burden on the shoulders of those, who are in pursuit of the higher endeavours, the real-deal, the ‘now’, so to speak.

We dreamers are (supposedly) out of touch with reality. We dwell in the realms of magic.

Yet one subtly fails to notice that when it comes down to the inevitabilities of our existence, every soul, regardless of their beliefs goes back to the core to believe in magic.

Why else do they love, for isn’t love an extension of magic? Why else do they create products and machines and inventions of all sorts to delay, to prolong the worst, for isn’t that a belief in dreams and miracles? Why else does each human hope- against all odds- for respite, if the scientific fact of the matter nullifies its very possibility?

We are born out of magic, our souls are magic, and therefore it will always be as real a part of creation, as reality itself.

The time-machine will never lose its enigma, the fountain of youth will never lose its charm, and loving another human will never fade away as long as life exists, no matter what we believe, no matter what we think.

In the core of our souls, we are all dreamers, aiming for the unreal, for isn’t reality created by our very dreams?

Just something to think about.

© Isha Garg

Doodle by Isha Garg


72 thoughts on “The Real in the Unreal”

  1. “Is there not a certain satisfaction in the fact that natural limits are set to the life of the individual, so that at the conclusion it may appear as a work of art?”
    –Albert Einstein.

    I love time-loop films as they offer lessons in Karma and Destiny. Immortality would be so boring–given the choice I would move out of here immediately and it has been so for as long as I can remember–but no matter where we go we’re in ‘here and now.’

    Fountain of youth refers to nectar of immortality which creates an non perishable light body as Rudra knot is broken by energy–also known as the rainbow body.
    This dimension looks more like an experiment, a school, a prison house or purgatory.

    I enjoyed reading your post you’re thoughtful! And drawing is hilarious!

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    1. I agree about the boredom in permanence Anand… Despite all that allure that immortality holds, who’d want to be trapped in this world forever? That was quite interesting about the fountain of youth.. It has always fascinated me though, as an idea, a dream.. But given a chance to experience it’s effects, I’d surely decline. There’s something really disturbing about it.. Thank you for your comment. And special thanks for your words on the drawing 😀😊

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      1. You’re most welcome. 🙂 Theoretically soul is imperishable so after enlightenment you join endless line of Siddha beings and become a co-creator as per many traditions.

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      2. That was something entirely new for me to know… I like how you say ‘theoretically’ the soul is imperishable.. 😉 I’ve always taken it as a given that the soul is immortal, imperishable… But now it sparks a new thought… Thank you for your interesting and insightful comments. 😊😊

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      3. Oh there are so many people who don’t believe in a soul so as long as we don’t know anything for sure it’s better to consider it theoretical! You’re most welcome 🙂

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      4. Yes the great debate between science and religion, and believers and disbelievers… 😊 Truly humbled by your lovely feedback and the re-blog.. Your blog is brilliant to say the least..

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      5. There are too many ‘thank-yous’ in our conversation at present, yet to not add another would be injustice considering how grateful I am for this. So, thank you for the encouragement 😊

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      6. Oh you really deserve much more because such clarity of thought process and eloquent expression is indeed rare. Thank you for sharing your views with us and please keep following your heart!

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  2. The vicious cycle of a new age brilliance with the same crimes against humanity. I will tell them keep their fountain of youth. I leave my words, but I must move on. Plus we do not have a say so. Why fight it? Love your thought provoking post. A great thinker, that writes brilliantly!

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    1. Vicious cycle, same crimes… Couldn’t agree more. But an unreal force of magic and dreams exists behind the façade of the so-called real. Thank you for your insight, poeticallyyours360! Always a pleasure to read! 😊

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      1. Is dream from the conscious or the unconscious? To see something in nothing or to create something no one else could have imagined. However, we have been conditioned to relate to only that which is tangible. Seeing is believing…right… you have created a play on words. the real in the unreal. It’s like saying the you in the nonyou… you exist but remain a mystery or have done something beyond what the world has come to accept or expect… How about that? What you think?

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      2. You are right in what you say, but just as fiction has always been the only reality to me, the “nonyou”, the “mystery”, the free, wild, bird of imagination are all that exist, all that is real… Called ‘unreal’… Life is a strife to create unreal moments but look into the core… You already are unreal. You are magic. You are a dream. You exist beyond the conditioning so rise to your power… Break free from beliefs, because all that is, is within. You are.

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      3. Point made and received in the spirit it was delivered in. Thank for this stimulating conversation. I have walked with you before, I have sat with you before, under the stars and the moon whispered that’s unreal, but beautiful. Thank you Isha! Again I smile

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      4. I don’t know how I missed your brilliant pieces… I am hooked to your blog. And as for the ‘real in the unreal’, your post has honoured it and humbled me! Thank you so much!

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  3. How could there possibly be a thread of yours that I have not commented in?! Because this piece of writing was no doubt so thought provoking that I wrapped my reactions in layers of contentment …. for a future time. And now that the future time is here, and the crowd has thinned, I can return and tell you what I think of you, your mind and your writing.

    You are gifted, so very gifted!
    You have the ability to exhale the very air from deep within you; the air that in so many people is stale and can never be released.
    For how fresh and beautiful are your thoughts…..
    “We are born out of magic, our souls are magic, and therefore it will always be as real a
    part of creation, as reality itself.”

    Worthy of adulation you are, my wonderful friend and writer! Have a glorious day ❤

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    1. Thank you dear lady, for such an enriching feedback! No post of mine is complete without knowing what you think of it.. I wait for your words like a dry land waits for rain 💟


  4. Fascinating post, Isha. Thank you for sharing it.

    I think that while all of us dream of things that are not, not all of us are very creative about it. The dreams of many of us boil down to spending more money than we make on more technology than we need, for instance.

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  5. This is so true, in every field. All great ideas were someone’s dreams once and I often love quoting how several scientific marvels of today were first thought up in science fictions a century ago or so, by writers who lacked the technical expertise in science and yet made up for it in their imaginations. Beautiful post as always, Isha! ❤

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  6. As the realists in world strive hard to attain immortality, to reverse the clock, to live on and on, I think we dreamers aren’t quite different! Not necessarily striving to be physically immortal but we are perhaps creating art that will live on, our words will find readers years after we have decayed under six feet of earth, our paintings, our doodles will be carefully preserved in the folds of a book for someone to look at and smile. Perhaps we will be immortal in our dreamy ways and I rather be a dreamer than a realist.

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  7. I love your witty, clever post here and I bet you write well like this often. I will check out a few more of your posts soon. I am both a writer, a retired creative writing and drama teacher and a believer in the greatest magician of all. Call me crazy, but I believe there is a spirit that is very much in love with creation and that includes all of it, especially humans. And yes, while we agree that the original biblical tale of Genesis is fiction, by your own definition, the creation story is a window to understanding reality. I believe the story of creation is a story of love and betrayal, but that we are at a time when the lovers of the world are falling in love again. Love is powerful. Certainly more powerful than skin creams and machines that attempt to prolong physical life. But consider that the computer we are sharing ideas here on can remember pretty much everything you and I do with it. It can remember the last item you bought and exactly how much you paid for it. It can replay art and ideas from people who have died. Indeed, who would have predicted such an artificial intelligence? Many writers have feared the rise of such an intelligence, especially when it was in its infancy. Add the Book of Revelations to that fearful message and you can understand why so many traditional Christian sects have hoped they might be lifted up into the sky when such events take place. Well. On that point, I totally agree with you dear Isha. There is no need to fear illogical logic or, for that matter, infinite logic. This is an awesame time to be alive and in love. Keep safe. Keep writing. I hope you check out some of my work. I am a dreamer too. Big time. Xavier

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    1. Oh I will definitely be making my way over to your blog. You have flair and conviction laced with truly beautiful, poetic thoughts. Thank you for such a remarkable treatise on this post, Xavier. Much, much appreciated.


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