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The Son of the Slave

I played for long hours under the scorching Egyptian heat,

with my friends, the children of the street…

I had no mother, my father was my life; he gave me home and food,

I was a strong lad, living a life both satisfactory and good.

My friends envied me, for my father gave me more than what theirs did,

for all knew he was one of those who had built the pyramid!

Though I didn’t really understand it, for you see, I wasn’t that smart,

I knew it must be majestic, for all who beheld it, remarked, “Ah! What art!

The kings came and the noblemen came, to see this marvel, almost touching the stars,

and I proudly boasted of the man who’d made it with all his heart!

How I longed to see him at work, but he never took me along in the mornings,

to see how he made these infallible giants, and brought home the earnings.

So one day, I went to him, begged to him and implored,

to let me only have a peek at him, the kings and queens from the palace door…

He denied at once, and left home, surprisingly strict and angry;

little did he know I followed him all the way, to quench my curiosity!

Since he works at the palace, he must be close to the Pharaoh”, this is what I thought,

never did I imagine that all my beliefs would soon prove to be but naught…

As I neared the palace, joy and excitement, bubbling inside of me,

hoping the golden gates, the palace, the princes and princesses to see,

I was hardly halfway when I stopped short, shocked suddenly,

seeing my honourable father being beaten with a cane, inhumanly!

They dragged him across the muddy field, along with some others,

they threw them down and in coarse, brutal voices gave them the day’s orders;

My father and the others, slowly staggering straight, gently dusted themselves,

then picked up some sacks of stones and carried the burden up the muddy stairs.

Tears streaming down my face, burning with shame and anger, under the sun,

I went back the narrow lanes and alleys, dejected and heartbroken, to my little home…

This was the treatment meted out to those that toiled under the terrible heat for hours upon hours;

this, the gratitude expressed to those that endured the sticks and stones, craving for food and water…

I cried all the way and upon reaching my abode,

slept under the little window that let in the sharp rays from our God.

Late at night when my father, exhausted, sweating, yet smiling came,

I rushed to embrace him, trying hard to hide my agony and pain.

He told me a bedtime story, of the ‘Great kings’ and the ‘Great palace’,

but all I felt for them now was disappointment tinged with malice,

I heard the story and closing my eyes, went off to sleep at his feet,

praying with all my heart to the Gods around and above, for deliverance and peace…

Deep inside I knew that a day would surely come when all oppression would die;

when the world would be free of domination; and slavery be bid a final goodbye…

(Note: I’d like to give credit to the animated movie, ‘The Prince of Egypt‘, which was the inspiration for this poem.)

© Isha Garg

Doodle by Isha Garg

86 thoughts on “The Son of the Slave”

  1. Nice shorty about Father! Anyway I’ve usually seen that girls are attached more to father than mothe, and boys are more attached to mother than father. But whatever it is, I really like the relationship between father and a daughter as I don’t have a daughter feels jealous to who have daughter.

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    1. Thank you so much for that lovely comment! I’m so glad to hear that my drawings do that for the readers… All I aim for through these is to reproduce the images for the reader, as I receive them in my head when I’m inspired to write 😇📝

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  2. Sweet lady, here you have conjured a wonderful tale … I further imagine it as a small illustrated book that would delight readers of all ages. Of course there would be pages of your drawings that I always peer into, with childlike wonder. I lose myself in what you do. 🌷💕😌

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    1. What a beautiful, beautiful vision you present… An illustrated book… How lovely! It’s always my greatest of greatest pleasure to hear what you have to say… I start thinking of it even before I post! 😂📝😁❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. How fabulous, and just know I get a surge of adrenaline when I see a new post from you! Like a treat presented on a platter for me to savour, one syllable at a time. I don’t rush it at all. I make sure I’m comfortable and there are no distractions. A reward you are 💕📖💕

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      2. How similar we are in this.. I can never read a post from you without creating the perfect setting… To enhance the experience! I love the imagery in your comment.. 💟


      3. Oh dear, I just felt an inkling of performance anxiety! How peculiar… you are the only reader that has elicited such a response. 😊 You are special! Luckily the anxiety passed …😌💕

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Try as I may to keep the focus of adulation on your writing here … in your comment section…you manage to deflect back to me 🌷
        You are indeed a verbal handful.. but I shall not surrender so easily! Accept it Isha Garg … you are a delight, and it’s my divine affliction to remind you. Often!
        Have a lovely day/evening!!

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      5. Hahaha. I’m just so captivated by your poetry I don’t want to leave any stone unturned in driving that point home to you! But I always do bask, and once more am, in the warmth of your adulation! Thank-you Diana and have a wonderful evening/night 😂

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  3. A treatise on innocence juxtaposed with experience and sagacity, this tale leaves me spellbound. I could almost visualize, and not just the pyramids but the adulation, heartbreak and the rebellion in the child smoothed out by the protective optimism exuding from the father.

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    1. What a marvellously analytical and uplifting critique you’ve bestowed upon this poem, in such a deft, brief description! Thank-you ESP, for taking your time to peruse these poems and write on them… Much appreciated is your heartfelt praise 💭😇

      Liked by 2 people

      1. it is always a pleasure to read your posts, also ESP loves reading so no need to thank him. I could have gone on and on with my comment, but that would have diluted my spellbound reaction.
        waiting for more posts to peruse 🙂

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