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The Boatman Series (2) – The Boatman and The Mother

Starless winter night, the cold dark waters –
the Boatman comes to ferry the midnight travellers –
yet waiting in agony at the rainy harbour,
stands an old woman with a man’s hat for shelter,
crying, “How now Boatman, are you there?
My son took the ferry last Wednesday,
and I’ve heard none from him since, even on Christmas day!

Tell me, Boatman, is he cross with me?
Does he plan on punishing his poor mother for eternity?
Yes, I knew, to repay the miserly lender I had no money,
but I have to put food on the table, you see?
‘I’ll kill you woman!’, the lender barged in the hut where I hide,
‘Have mercy on the old!’ I wailed helplessly, his dagger to avoid.
‘Have it your way then’, he growled as he left annoyed,
and last I saw him, he got on your boat with my boy…”

© Isha Garg

38 thoughts on “The Boatman Series (2) – The Boatman and The Mother”

  1. No no, you can’t stop there! How intriguing … and who shall the boatman transport in the next episode. You have my attention dear Isha; the plot thickens nicely. Your readers are happily engrossed! xx

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  2. I’m so enjoying this reaction! 😂 The third part is ready to be posted soon, Diana dear. ESP and you shall have your requests fulfilled before you know it 🚣


  3. Why did he leave his poor mother behind or was it all a plan to get the lender on the boat as well and end the misery by ending the miserly. I wonder.

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