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The Boatman Series (6) – The Boatman and the return of the Traveller

Starless winter night, the cold, dark waters,
the Boatman comes home in the midnight hour;
upon entering senses the presence something sinister,
as the faint smell of smoke suggests a late night visitor.

Suddenly, he feels a hand upon his shoulder
jumping in alarm as he lays eyes on the solitary smoker –
though he needs no reminding, he instantly remembers,
the god forsaken harbour and mossy ladder –
yet for the life of him, he cannot fathom, what this spirit is now after…

“Surely, two months have not rendered me a stranger?
You’ve done me a service Boatman, like a brother…
yet, I must impress upon you the need for another favour,
one that may save your own soul – having carried out my dark desire –
so take up boat, and return once more, O ferrier,
to where we met, and what’s left of my body, gather;
fish it out, burn the remainders…
to release my soul from its wandering torture...”

Β© Isha Garg

45 thoughts on “The Boatman Series (6) – The Boatman and the return of the Traveller”

  1. Had to wait for a bright, sunshine drenched Australian morning to dare read this….a fine telling continues and this avid reader is slightly chilled yet… happily entertained! Brrr. πŸ‘» πŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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    1. The story just didn’t seem to leave me until it had said all it wanted to, so I had to submit dear lady D to some more dark storytelling! Hehe. Happy Halloween to my favourite Aussieβ€πŸ˜˜πŸ‘­

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      1. Ah! How lovely and novel! A never ending series that would be, though πŸ˜‰ I’m sure this idea is going to play in my head, Shantanu… Not a series, but I may try my hand at a poem 😊

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  2. What a delightful surprise. This series has gotten better and better. I tried to write series before here in WP, but it was difficult to maintain the momentum and tension of each new installment. You do this magnificently.

    This had the right mix of mystery, tension, and intrigue, You do fiction so perfectly. You have the talent to be a novelist.

    Bravo to you isha, You are a wonderful read. And my apologies it took me so long to get here, it was a slow transition back into the blogging mode. Had to shut off my phone to read your wonderful work. Your are a special, inspiring soul in a black and grey world. Stay inspired.

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    1. No need to apologise! Reading at the right time is an altogether different and satisfying experience.

      I’m so touched you read these poems in such a serene setting. I tend to do that too when I read your poems and some of the other wonderful writers’ posts on WordPress too.

      I hope you’ll be blogging more soon. 😊

      I’ve written ever since I was 7 but never had the confidence to share with the writing/literary world until this year… I ended up sharing it with the wrong audience and thus was never sure of whether people, especially writers, would ever even like what I wrote! This is why for someone so adept in writing to say such a thing to me, means so much Drew. Wanted to share that. Thanks so very much!

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      1. Touched by your reply. Blogging has helped me build confidence in my writing, also taught me what my audience wants. Which is important too. Your writing is a crowd pleaser.

        Should you ever decide to stop blogging please stay in touch. I like to be surrounded by wonderful poets who inspire me.

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      2. “also taught me what my audience wants. Which is important too.”
        Very prudent words!

        I am so glad you think so!
        Will most likely not stop blogging for I too, could not stay away from such inspirational and wonderful writers like you!

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  3. Certainly I needn’t say how captivating this has been and is turning out to be! I wouldn’t be surprised if one day your poems are read in schools and colleges with the Literature teacher gazing at the class through her glasses balanced at the edge of her nose, asking her students about the significance, about the magic they have been reading.

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