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The things that could have been…

At sixty-five years of age, with silver-greying hair,

She sits on her cozy brown-leathered arm-chair;

she closes her eyes and drifts back in time, to ponder over the past, and think,

about all the things that aren’t, but could have been…


The pages of the past unfold and there she stands-

a God gifted brain, good education, and her future in her hands.

If only she had listened to her heart telling her to be a poetess, to write,

her life wouldn’t have been as dull as it is today, but beautiful and bright!


We step a little forward and skip a few years,

and there we see her, beaming in the arms of a man that’s only hers.

If only she had listened to her heart and not cared about what people would’ve said,

she’d have married her first and last love; not to the wrong man be wed!


And then in her middle age, we find her with a frown on her forehead,

she looks like one who’s gone a vale down in sorrow- a failed, continuing marriage, and an unshared bed.

If only she had listened to her heart, left him and lived a life without stress,

she wouldn’t have spent her life in nostalgia and heartache, longing for her soul mate’s caress…


And now as she opens her aged eyes, the sunlight pouring in to soothe her face,

the leaves of the past have dried up, desires down in ashes, but she still has her grace…

If only she had listened to her heart and done the things she wanted, she would have been happy she reflects,

for though she had all material luxuries in life, she lived it all in regret… all in regret…

© Isha Garg

Doodle by Isha Garg

81 thoughts on “The things that could have been…”

  1. This is your first poetry post, isn’t it?
    Well, so, let me tell you, it’s amazing! The writing is exquisite, Isha! Loved it. It has now become a habit, can’t wait for your next post. Keep it up. I haven’t seen anyone with the flair for writing that you have, when it has just been a few days into blogging. You’re a born talent. Thank you for sharing.. keep smiling because here you’re inspiring a lot of people..

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  2. Isha, I have read a couple of your posts and they are brilliant to say the least. Most commendable is your clarity of thought and the ability to express that clarity in to words.
    The language you use is simple and yet very nicely woven. To my mind that is the hallmark of a good writer.
    It would be a shame if your writings were not to find a bigger and better platform in the future.
    You have been blessed with flair so keep doing what you do best and may be the spirit to write well always be with you.

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    1. Thank-you Diana.. You’re right about it not being the easy road.. There’s a never ending battle between the heart and the mind which millions are caught up in, and the road they take is for them to take… But through my experience I’ve learned that one may ignore the heart once, but won’t be able to ignore that little nagging within for the rest of one’s life… The heart wants what it wants.

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      1. The beginning of … well, support during the long days and turbulent nights … we’ll not that dramatic haha but certainly a helluva lot of fun, friendship and chicklepickle momo-nts!! Mwah 💋

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      2. Hahha! Chicklepickle hot stuff indeed.. 😁 😛 😘
        P.S. Did you notice my 65 year old’s hair? Heheh.. I used to have a hard time drawing then. Never thought people would take the artistry seriously! 😂

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  3. Awesome yaar!! Great writing, strong emotions, impressive visualisation and clarity, you have written it with so simplicity that it really touches the heart!!
    And the poem is pedagogical, giving a lesson and a thought – always listen to your heart!!
    Well done!!👏👏👏👏

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  4. What’s sad is that a lot of people do this, they settle, eventhough their hearts want them to roam free and it’s only when it’ s almost over that they realize this.

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    1. You’ve said it perfectly, pamogopam! The inner conflicts, the regrets and the late realization.. I guess, to be honest to oneself and act on that, will always be a bit of a pickle!


  5. You are a very talented poet. As writers and poets, we hope our words bring feelings, images and memories to our readers. Your poem did exactly that to me. I will be 74 in May and this was like reading parts of my own life. Thank you Isha ☺💛

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    1. Walt, you don’t know how that makes me feel.. It’s so deeply fulfilling to have one’s art affect another… And coming from you, such a great writer yourself, it means even more. Thank you very much 💛

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    1. Hi Gabriela, thanks for your kind words! The inspiration came from a moment of conflict between my heart and my mind; between what I was bring told to do, and what I truly wanted to do… And thinking about the consequences of following the voices of others instead of the one within me. Writing this poem was releasing the confusion, reading it was gaining clarity and perspective! ❤😊🌼

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    1. Hi Walt! Thank you for such lovely words…again! This is a re post of the first time I published a poem on Ishaisms, and also the first time you and I interacted on the comment section. I always thought of you when I read it because your comment was so special and touching as it is now! 😊

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