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All good things to those who…

You love the sunny weather, but the heat is too strong
yet you can’t complain – at least, the rain has stopped
browning leaves have retained colour
and moisture kisses the ground
as you wait for your prayers to be answered
chained by the fear that they won’t…

You fight against the barricades that restrain –
to leap forward and make the run
clinging to the long harboured desire to see the roses
that bloom on the other side of home,
and you wait for your prayers to be answered
as precious beads fall, tired, one by one…

You reach out to touch the roses
the thorny guards, they cut, they burn
you brave the pain and go on undaunted
it’s what you need, it’s what you want
and that’s what you’ve prayed for, and what you wait for
yet thoughts of disappointment do your heart haunt…

Days and months and years have passed in wait,
for the prayers to be answered,
but hey, you say, what’s one more day? – I still have the strength, I’m not tired.
This spirit must be made of severe stuff, to not give up when everything else does,
the body, the mind, even the heart sometimes,
having dreamt dreams that reality always turns to dust.

So many live happily, you think, so many never have to face the war
So many live perfect lives, yet none of it does matter
Prayers thrive not in wait but Hope, and therein lies their answer.
All you need to do is realise, all you need to do is remember,
– In life, not everyone,
finds something worth fighting for...

© Isha Garg
Doodle by Isha Garg

19 thoughts on “All good things to those who…”

  1. Gorgeous. I loved the way it ended! I too wonder how it is that others seem to have it all, but then I realized that too often we are only seeing the highlight reel of their life, especially when it comes to social media. I’m not on social media that showcases peoples lives in pictures for that reason. Too much of it is staged. Even I have found myself falling for that trap—participating in an event and being more excited to post pictures about it than actually being present in the moment. Anyway, my thoughts are running away with me so I will wrap this up. But yes, I am on that same weary path, I know it all too well.

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    1. I couldn’t help but read your comment – and it urged me to reflect a moment, for which I thank you.
      What if …. the most popular social media, all of a sudden was able to reflect the truth of our lives. Not just smiles on tropical vacations. What if we were all expected to post those gut wrenching moments … “today I could not face the world; I spent the morning crying”.
      And this is the joy of poetry perhaps. That we may post our truth…. joys and dark; aspirations and disappointments.
      And dear Isha – this is what I love the very most about your writing. It is wholly you and always pleasing to linger in …

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      1. You’re most welcome, Diana. I love that we have a platform where we can engage in beautiful conversations that matter—and even silly conversations that don’t add up to much but simply bring us joy.

        You are absolutely right. It’s why I love this community of bloggers because everyone shares both their highs and their lows here without the fear of being judged. At least that has been my experience. I have found people to express genuine concern and genuine appreciation for one another here and I respect that so much.

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      2. Thank you for the thoughtful reply E+C!
        I have had similar WordPress interactions, all of a positive nature! I have even had the great pleasure of travelling and meeting three fellow bloggers who proved to be even more beautiful souls in reality, if you can believe that. Hope you are having a wonderful week wherever you may be 🙂

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      3. Oh Diana, you remind me of one of the richest experiences and blessings of my life – meeting you ❤️ Nothing can equal it! I’ve said it before and I’ll reiterate, wordpress was only the medium to meeting some of the most enlightened, empathic, and beautiful souls that walk this earth. 😘

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      4. And despite the fact that the visit was too short, and my disposition a bit frail and overwhelmed by you vast, impossibly beautiful land and people. It’s as if I dreamt it all, yet cannot stop repeating the events ….. 👂🏻 🎶 🎺 I was blessed to meet you too!!
        {{Mutual admiration society alert!🌹❤️}}


      5. Larisa, you touched upon something I quite enjoy and cherish myself – these conversations, about life and its trials, self analysis, thought provoking, inspiring, engaging exchanges – that too with writers and poets, and of course, the souls one connects to and vibes with! What more can one ask for?
        I’m so thankful to be a part of it through wordpress.

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      6. Ah how your coveted words make me think, my dearest friend! And to have your thoughts here as they flow, is a thing to cherish!
        It is scary indeed how openly masks are being donned in our times, and how they are not just accepted but lauded. Yet hope remains as long as one is self aware and true to themselves.

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    2. I couldn’t agree more, Larisa. I think that was perhaps one of the reasons I quit Facebook years ago too. Your thoughts mirror mine in their essence.

      Thank you for your kind words – I invariably end up ending my posts on a note of hope.

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  2. It’s indeed the lucky ones who have found something to pray for, something to fight for, and in a way this luck lasts till the prayer is heard or the fight won, what happens after might be no different than how the others glide, happily, giddily like shed feathers from life, something they have left behind.

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