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The Ships Are Coming In

He stands by the shore, watching intently, brows knit; the rugged contours of his face caressed by the sun sprawled across the midday sky…and those storytelling eyes – telling a tale of a hard, long, arduous wait… He wears an ancient robe that seems to have been lent to him from the man he used to be in a past century – or centuries, when he first began waiting. His beard is overgrown and hair unkempt – he does not like that, but it has been a long wait, has it not?

He stands by the shore. There are pebbles beneath his feet; the playful waves recede back, dejected, failing in their scheme to surprise him – but he’s been through too many tempest tossed voyages to be surprised by scheming waves anymore. His gaze is dedicated, even as he hears someone call him. He has turned his back to the past; the only thing that connects him to this land are his feet – they’re his roots; and he has his roots everywhere he goes.

He stands by the shore, staunch – just like the weathered rocks that rock the waves crashing in upon them, have stood the test of time. The sleepy sun drapes a cloud over itself, tired of this wait, as a ray or two escape to the cloud’s shame from perforations that precipitation had permeated earlier that morn, as it ushered in a new day…a new decade…a new life?

He stands by the shore. A slight wind begins to ruffle the edge of the robe, that in its turn teases the grains of sand under his feet…it’s time, it says…there’s a windfall coming… He takes a step forward. The waves make way, caught off their guard. The pebbles beneath his feet disperse and dive back into the safe sea, unsettled; and the wind itself rushes to dislodge the powdery cloud, like ivory confetti all over the sky; and break the sun’s reverie, to say ‘Behold, behold the light!’

He stands by the shore, with an expression that was a long time coming – his face radiating in bliss! The waves cleave and make way for the laden vessels, the glorious ships. His eyes moisten, even as he smiles. The sun sparkles feelingly, illuminating the entire expanse of the firmament, while the confetti clouds shower…shower in tears of joy!

© Isha Garg

Doodle by Isha Garg

11 thoughts on “The Ships Are Coming In”

  1. What to do you think about first?
    The doodle or the story? Just curious about the thought process. Like for me, it’s mostly about the clicks, then i find something or write something to go with them.

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    1. That’s an interesting (and daunting) way to write, Amandeep!
      For me it’s the other way around on most cases – write and then draw… Very rarely do I write based on doodles. I’m never even fully sure about posting them because they seem so amateur and crude to me (but I do it anyway, lol!)

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      1. Yes, Since my primary interest is photography, I guess that’s the reason why I operate this way. But sometimes if I do write something meaningful, then it’s the other way round. Finding a suitable pic for the piece, just like you.

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  2. Well that was beautiful; especially the last paragraph which could stand on its very own. But why would it, when you express so vividly that I am there in the very scene…. a few metres behind, to “share in the bliss” of fine writing and a moving nautical moment! Bravo!

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    1. Ah thine poetic eye shines a Sherlockian light and deduceth right! Heheh. (Terribly done, I know :P) The last paragraph was initially written as a poem with the word ‘firmament’ as ‘skies’.
      Thank you for bestowing such
      wonderful(ly lavish) praise here. I cherish it more than I can tell 😘🥰😍

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  3. Great build up, and if the title and the doodle wasn’t there, it would have been much more lovely. That moment suspended, the way time stood still as if something stark, something, or rather forcing the reader to anticipate

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