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Standing on the concrete ruins of me,
all stability giving way beneath my feet;
I see a shadow of someone I used to know,
I see a shadow before the setting halo
Does it see me, or look the other way?
Are there things left unsaid that it wants to say?

I’m pulled to it, body, mind, heart and soul, by a magnetic force;
Was it on this naked barren heath that our paths were meant to cross?
Can we plant a garden here, dear heavenly father,
Will you quench our thirst, I beseech you, with a drop of water?
Will you make this dark dusty debris fertile once more?
Or will you condemn me to walk the stony path forever, feet bleeding and sore?

What is this prison of a world I’m trapped in?
What was the crime, what was the sin?
What is this beautiful shadow, that tempts me so,
that shows me the way out and beckons me follow?
Is it only a mirage, the conjuring of my deluded, hungry heart?
Or is it like the Piper come, all my sorrows to depart?


And lo! I see a brook some way hence, flowing clear and deep like my tears,
Thank-you heavenly father for answering my prayers!
Yet I keep my happy hopes in check‘Don’t be too glad, heart, lest you be crushed,
lest all this be an illusion, and crumble to ashes and dust’.
But the shadow takes shape, and so does the flowing respite,
Dark clouds dissipate, and all I longed and long for, is still in sight…


I walk, guarded and protected by the divine, away from this temporary crisis,
Ushered for the first time in my life into an everlasting oasis,
Eternal spring, eternal love, eternal joy reside in this long awaited festivity,
All fears and doubts evaporate in the face of glorious certainty!
Now it’s time, for new beginnings to be celebrated,
You see, dear life, you never were for sorrow fated!
© Isha Garg
Doodle by Isha Garg

55 thoughts on “CONCRETE RUINS”

    1. I’m sorry you resonated with this painful piece… It ends on a note of hope and I pray that is what you resonate with soon! ❤ Thank-you for your kind appreciation, wonderful poetess! Highly cherished!


  1. Wonderful, insightful, profound as always from Isha. I can’t help writing something about it.
    The shadow of the unfair past is always so enticing to dwell in, to question, and question you did for a long par of this piece before relenting or most likely realising the futility as the shadow took form and then you marched forward leaving the shadow behind. This poem feels to me like the summary of many a lives, and many more who will go through the same.

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    1. Always a pleasure to hear from your insightful, interpreting mind, ESP! I enjoyed your take on this, although, this poem was more about following that shadow… Manifesting it. If I explain it, it will take the concrete out of it and leave it a ruined mess, so to speak! Haha! Thank-you for your interpretation! I will apply and try reading with new insight! 👌👏😇

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      1. you did leave much space of interpretations, following the shadow is something that never struck me 🙂 Also, I agree that explaining, dissecting or summarizing a poem takes away its intended charm. Great writing, I must say again.

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      2. This tends to happen mostly with personal poems, I think. I can notice a pattern with poems like affliction, and this one, of course. It’s always great to see what other meanings can come from these, which is a desire fulfilled by such great artist-readers like you! 👏😇 Thank-you dear friend!


  2. Beautifully written and the segregation into three parts complements the idea of the poem perfectly. I wish I could write descriptions like yours….Will read more Shakespeare. 😉

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      1. Oh gosh….Hope you’re not signing me under a notary. I promise to read three thousand of your posts (and Macbeth) under three months, before you can claim a pound of flesh…

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  3. This is amazing work done, Isha.Segregation in a poetry with a connective element, i’ve seen first time in poetries & beautiful sketching is topping on cake.Keep writing!!📝👏👌😇

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  4. I seriously think your poem shouldn’t have ended where it did.
    Just when I was about to take a bite of the pastry I had seen and desired for ages, did you snatch it off my hand, leaving me hungry, more than ever.

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    1. Oh I’m over the moon with your heartfelt gushing, Patty dearest! I adore your work and am always so pleased when you stop by with your appreciation! Couldn’t ask for more! Thank-you dear friend! 💜💜🌼😊

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  5. I had read this late last night after reading a wonderful short story, and somehow today – it was almost as if I was reading your post afresh. Perfection had fused into perfection.
    My frame of mind keenly absorbs every stanza! I love the positive ending, and the confidence that through hardship and faith the horizon is now a rising sun. You are very, very special in your ability to cast a net and entrance/catch us all with your doodles and prose. How lucky we are, sweet Isha! ❤

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    1. To re-read the post and find it fresh is such a compliment! Thank you sweet Lady D! ❤ I am the lucky one here… With readers like yourself, I couldn’t ask for more, really! Eternally grateful! 💜❤🌼

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