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One of the most celebrated, debated and discussed topic, art has as many multifarious interpretations as it has judges. Many have tried to fathom and explain its effect on the human heart and mind, and thus, I will be posting a few extracts from an article I penned about three years ago, in an attempt to unravel in words, for my dear reader, the complex fabric of the effect of art on not just the subject, but also the creator – the artist.

I believe that anything you see, hear or feel (even taste), that moves you, and opens you up to certain hidden core values of your being, is art.

The thing with art is that, be it a piece of writing or music, a picture or painting, an act or performance of any sort – if it unsettles you somehow, or makes you uncomfortable, it is doing the right thing. That is how you know art has moved you!

Art takes you out of your self-built cocoon, invades the raw, vulnerable territory of your soul, to bring forth the (hidden) treasure that has always resided within your soul, but never been found and looked upon.

Art whispers to the heart. It disturbs and soothes and gives and takes; it cuts and scars – only to make you whole. It takes you to secret and overwhelming places that you’ve never allowed yourself to trespass; which if left unvisited and unearthed, may be the deathwatch of your own spiritual, creative, artistic and well, holistic freedom and development.

Yet the thing to note here is that the artist never intends his/her art to produce that effect on you. The artist isn’t bothered. The artist lets out in art what only becomes unbearable and uncontainable. The artist creates for the self as if driven by an outer, superior force (which in fact is as intrinsic as it gets)! This force creates the art through the medium of the artist. Therefore, art is the manifestation of that driving, creative force – something completely beyond the control of the artist.

The artist in a person is a whole other being – nothing like what the world, the immediate circle of friends or for that matter, even the family know them to be. A part of the universe, the artist is only born to create, to affect, to awaken, to even cause to rebel with pre conceived notions at times, to make iconoclasts of blind followers of banal beliefs, and most importantly, to ruffle up feathers and expose in all its beauty, the brightness of the soul.

Just as the artist is largely independent of the person he/she is, so is the art of the artist, largely independent of him/her. It has a life of its own, living and breathing independently. In certain cases, it cannot even be judged on the lines of its creator, for the artist and the art are directly connected to the source of all things, which is why they are able to affect the source of our being.

Art, you see, is subjective: what one may dismiss with indifference, another may feel personally, even offensively at times. For instance, a form of dance, or say, a piece of poetry may offend Tom, inspire Dick and go completely unnoticed and unheeded by Harry. Yet the artist (in this case the dancer or the writer) only created what was too much to hold within; something created for the self, out of desire, thought, experience, and well, just sheer need. The subject and what the art did to the subject, what sensations it aroused were never given much thought to, if even at all. The artist was oblivious to such effects, by habit and by choice.

Art, when unsettling, moving or making the subject uncomfortable, opens up a subdued, a suppressed part of oneself which holds the potential to supersede (usually in a sublime, positive manner) the entirety of a person’s values and outlook. Art, being born of a superior quality and force, speaks directly to the energies one’s soul is composed of.

Art is as necessary as it is dangerous – depends on how you perceive the work that is done on you by it, for it is potent and can change the entire course of your life, by changing your perception.

Until next time,

© Isha Garg


38 thoughts on “ON ART”

  1. Well said. I feel that sometimes art makes us an outcast. Only our kind can understand our torment and misunderstanding. The world should read this to understand us. Until then, more art.

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  2. This is a very delicate subject. And you’ve written categorically and with a surgical precision about Art. This is a wonderful write-up where you talk about images of art that we all know of but could never give it a name. I love how every moment you push the reader to the extreme and you stand and play around the boundries.
    There are so many lines of quotes inside that post.

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  3. Before I tell you how timely this article is for me, let me first commend you on a terrific dialogue; both well written and thought provoking. And if this was a sound byte I would listen eagerly, for it is almost script like!
    And the subject, ah yes, sweet art … the “expulsion” of which is almost like an odd body function. How bizarre that it might be admired thus!
    I’m in need of some inspirational fibre these days by the way …. but you …. not at all! Bravo!

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    1. Always in awe of your writing!
      I have no words for this witty, funny comment of yours, full of much appreciated and cherished adulation, Lady D, except thank-you 😇😄😍👌😂


  4. What an astonishing treat this treatise on art you have written, this as you must be aware is one of my favorite topics but your ideas and thoughts on the subject even though different (at least on the face value) are so delightful and sensible, are just like you.
    There are so many profound sentences in this post, my pick for the best would be: “The artist lets out in art what only becomes unbearable and uncontainable.”

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    1. An ESP deluge of intricately perceiving and uplifting commentary was a long time coming 😉 Yes I know of your particular affection to the topic of art, having read your meticulously crafted and thought out write ups on it 😊 Thank-you so much for being probably one of the most encouraging readers, and of course, writers I have the pleasure of knowing!

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      1. Yeah I know, life manages to keep the readers away from such artists and writers (who really need no encouraging). I m trying to catch up..the flip side of being away is ESP gets a platter of Ishaisms to relish.

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      2. And Ishaisms gets a platter of your wonderful words 😊 I agree with life having a way of keeping readers away from artists (probably due to long WordPress absences hehe)


  5. gah!!!!!!
    loved every freaking word of that..
    Its as if u were looking at my soul and translating the essence of art within myself!
    Made me think about something…
    Yearrrrs back, I brought out a painting to my dad to see. (It was an abstract) I was curious of his thoughts. Asked him, “What do u see?” First thing he said was ‘confusion’.
    Funny to me was his ignorance of his own thoughts, describing his thoughts as if to try to translate mine in the work.
    His words were intriguing because I so silently and secretly was learning things about him and he didn’t even realize it! 🙂

    i love discussing art!

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