Ishaisms, Poetry


Wish I knew what spells and charms made the spirit whole;

what saint roamed the purgatory with balm for wounded souls…

I’d have whispered archaic words in consciousness and in sleep,

I’d have parleyed with the good man of God for some nepenthe to heal…

But I sit on the rocks and wait by the solemn Plutonian Styx,

feeling no presence, no movement, but for the water’s icy licks;

no sound but for my own breaths, that give me some notion of time

as I slowly begin to lose sight of all that was me…and all that was mine…

© Isha Garg

31 thoughts on “Styx”

  1. So beautifully written. “Wish I knew what spells and charms made the spirit whole;”… Isha, I wish I knew that too. It’s so easy to feel fragmented and unsure of who we are…. such a beautiful poem. ❤️

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    1. Ah I’m so glad to hear that, Tom. I’ve always been drawn to this particular Greek myth, so creating something of that image and being lauded for it is truly special and exciting. I’m grateful to be honoured by your words.

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  2. Yes, the ending is colossal and the final weight that fractures the reader in some inward location. Your writing is something ….you sweep me along so that even I can feel the icy waters dear, but I cling to the side of the boat and enjoyed the stomach unsettling melancholy of it …. ❤️

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    1. Thank you, me lovelies 😁❤️

      I take it as a testimony of your loving, constant friendship that you enjoyed this – something I know couldn’t have been the best theme and poetic setting for you. 😉 I absolutely adore, (always have), the story of the ferryman and the coin, the journey by the river…and this was my humble attempt to create it. I always wanted to write something on the Styx sometime in my life – would’ve preferred a ballad, but artistic demon had other ideas. (Perhaps it’s developed ADD? 😲😜)


  3. Ahh dearest…I have been realizing more than ever that the only way out is through. This is a beautiful piece of writing, but I know that we pull our poems from our own experiences and reflections more often than not, and I have sat by that river too many times to count. Sending hugs and warmth a million times over ♥️

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    1. You know, Larisa, I read you, and feel ‘heard’ – perhaps it’s your embracing, empathetic perception and intuition – no doubt born of unspeakable dark nights of your own soul – rendering you so much the richer and vibrant for it. Whatever the case, I count myself immensely lucky and am filled with gratitude to have crossed paths with you. You’re special ❤️

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      1. That means a lot to me! WordPress was just the medium to meet some of the most wonderful souls that inhabit this world, who add so much to life.

        Wish you a glorious, fabulous day! 🌹

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  4. May be we need to lose sight to stop seeing all the negativity and then see again with a renewed interest. Perhaps one would call this a classic case of ignorance being a bliss. But while we close our eyes, our minds are busy praying, busy calling the angels to heal the world, a subconsciousness that transcends everything and then when we open again, we may have lost all that used to be ours to embrace a newness.

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  5. That is sometimes the problem, we want to able to fix everybody else problem and fight their demons and we can lose ourselves in the process, cause it may not be our process, but then again it could be our process and the final line is the beginning of a new journey that begins with the keeping the essence of who we are, because we lost ourselves in the circumstances, conditions and crisis. great provoking poetry

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    1. You do it time and again, and I honestly don’t know how. Your insight can rip poetry right apart! Thank you so much, Tony!
      You once told me that I will have an eternal audience, and I must borrow your words today, to express what I feel for your writing! You’ve been one of my oldest readers, right from the first post – and I’m sure by now you understand so much of who I am, yet ever since the first time I’ve been baffled by your intense understanding of human nature. Sending immense light your way!


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