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Have you ever wondered, dear reader, what it would be like to go back in time and meet the child that you were- and tell that happy, innocent, and carefree person, that things would, and will, change; to look right into the eyes of your past and say that the people who seem invincible, would become distant; those who you adore blindly, would disappoint you a little more each day; some would leave and some be taken away completely… and the bliss born out of ignorance would be checked, because you will have learned; have you ever wondered?

Yet wouldn’t it be such a relief and joy to inform that you will have survived through all of that and created for yourself a spectacular life?

And then maybe, you could just close your eyes and offer a silent prayer to the Heavens, for the ability to live in the purity of that moment, without tainting it with thoughts of the future or the past, for in that moment you are happy, and in that moment there is peace, and magic, and philosophy- it is a present from the future, and that present, is all that matters and all that should matter.

Then, being only a dream that cannot last forever, you’d take leave, and mount the magic carpet to your own present, travelling over clouds and skies to be one with your own self… For you cannot stay there, and even if you did, you’d not be able to change anything about the past. For the past has made you who you are.

If you hadn’t fallen then, you wouldn’t have been on your feet today; if you hadn’t lost then, you wouldn’t have learnt to value presence today; if you hadn’t burned then, you wouldn’t have found your light… everything is as it should be… it’s all, all, ever, as it should be.

Until next time,

© Isha Garg

Doodle by Isha Garg

84 thoughts on “GROWING UP”

  1. I love the doodle art & the innocent thought process…I think many a tines it comes to our mind to travel back in years to settle things, i’ve lot to say reading out! I guess I too need to write a blog.😛😇📝👌

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    1. Thankyou prashantt!
      Travel back to settle things… Hmm, but can we? 😮 The riddle like questions of past and future are like a never-ending maze…
      And yes, do write 😊😇 Would love to read!


      1. Welcome Isha!
        Haha..that is why i said that i need to write a blog on it as this topic holds never ending questions.
        Good Night!😇🙏

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    1. You said it Radhika! The big truth! We do keep swinging and thinking… That’s the only thing I miss about my childhood. Not thinking… And now, well, let’s just say, that ship has sailed lol 😂

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  2. Everything is as it should be, sweet Isha.
    Everything has led you to this place; has led me to this place. Your eloquent mindscapes are so expressively related in these exquisite words.
    How I adore your blog, even if some entries make me ache with their melancholic brush strokes . But beautiful also, hopeful colours feature…and love, of course! 💜

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    1. I wouldn’t be half of what I am now, had it not been for those trials and hard times! And what better gift than to be led to this place, to be led to such a beloved poetess and friend, to be ushered right into friendship and affection, and as you say, love, of course!
      Most cherished friend, I value each word you say!

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      1. As you describe it, your “growing up”, and indeed mine (decades beyond you if the clock is to be trusted) sees us standing right here, facing each other in honesty and enduring friendship. I’m elated to share words with you, beautiful soul 💐❤️😌👭

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  3. Interesting and intriguing post, especially for the thoughtful. In the usual sweet, unobtrusive tone of Ishaism we are presented with the dilemma of time and choices. Do we long to change our past, do we aspire to make our future brighter than what we think we are capable of, or do we live and cherish the present with a thankful optimism that comes from understanding the self within.
    Growing up in retrospect is no different than growing up with a foresight.

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    1. My goodness, I don’t think you give your writing self enough credit, ESP! Time and again I’ve noticed how smartly analytical and skillful you are with your expression… Vividly fluent!
      “Thankful optimism that comes from understanding the self within.” – I think you have explained this post better than anyone, especially me, could have!
      And that last line – #wisdom!


      1. The credit here goes to your post, it was so fresh and well written that I got carried’s a relief I didn’t go off on my usual tangent this time.
        In a less modest tone, lemme inhale your praise with a dismissive wave of hand 😀
        Oh and I forgot to compliment you on the ever increasing beauty of your doodles 💕

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    1. You have brought out such a beautiful, thought provoking point, Eliza… Our passions are still what they were when we were children! Maybe, we don’t really change after all… The core remains the same, the way of seeing and dealing with the world changes… And in some cases, the soul awakens! 😊

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  4. I must say, you tackle the your subject matter eloquently. Your writing is a force and not forced. prolific with meaning and providing direction. Raising questions, that has only one answer, which you have already found as truth. Nevertheless, the child in us still lives, the child in us provided resilience. I’ve disappointed me, more than anybody else. I am still here learning to live, put in the fire not to burn, but to be purified. Thank you for being uniquely you. Soulfully I applaud your efforts, your gift, your time and your survival

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  5. Reading your post reminds me of batman in so many ways and your doodle is so three dimensional I got lost in it for a while. 🙂 ❤ Have a great day dear!

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  6. Generally, I want to meet ‘myself’ in the past so I can tell myself the important questions in the upcoming exam… Seriously, sometimes I wish I could be deeply poetic and meaningful like you…

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