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I’m just a passenger
in the train of thought;
I do not know the destination,
yet I am not lost.
The ride is smooth at times;
and sometimes with jerks is fraught,
when one thought meets another,
collides, clashes; and then to peace is brought.

Sometimes it meanders into dark tunnels,
sometimes theories does it plot;
sometimes tranquil in nothingness;
sometimes in a web is caught –
but the times are best
when in the sunshine of the past,
it savours the feelings of times spent,
and for a moment comes to a halt.

In such moments,
the very world seems to stop,
for thinking of that which makes one happy,
is certainly no fault.
And so, there is no arrival, no departure,
not even a destination of any sort;
the train of thought runs uninterrupted, always,
and that’s the way it ought!

And I,
I’m just a passenger, in this train of thought…
I do not know the destination,
yet I am not lost!

© Isha Garg
Doodle by Isha Garg

67 thoughts on “THE TRAIN OF THOUGHT”

  1. An exquisite exhibition of the blissful creativity of thought that you possess. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful post! 👏 According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them. 😊

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  2. This is lovely work as always, Isha.Beautifully described the play of thought process travelling all around the mind, i love the art work supports equally well to the words.👌📝👏
    Have a great week ahead!☺

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  3. Great one Isha-have been off wordpress for over a week or so and I just realised how much i missed your writing! Love this piece just like the others-a concept so deep yet you manage to put it in word so simply and make so many people connect with it! Well done!

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  4. Sweet poet of the East … how you capture my imagination with such a clever rhyme! The way a locomotive has a set path through the landscape yet our thoughts never follow the same route … or if we do such ruminations prevent us from admiring the scenery of the moment eh?
    A wonderful journey to share my beautiful, imaginative friend ❤️ ✍️ 🌷🌷🌷😊

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    1. You always tap into the core of my work, dear Poet of the West, adding such beautiful embellishments that carve a new path for the train of thought to run in! Indeed this journey is about stopping and smelling the roses so to speak! Thank you for your charming words ❤ Have a fabulous day, fabulosa 😘😄😍😇


  5. Your ability does not surprise me. This is rich, prolific and profound. I screamed all aboard though I was only a passenger. You never get lost, even with entertaining a thought with uncertainties, because of your self-aware. And your struggles of the pass and your therapeutic writing has transformed your subconscious, so when it hits the conscious it is in line with the you, you have become and the greater you that won’t be mistaken. I guess it goes without saying, I have feasted upon your poetry.

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  6. Loved the image and the ride, the only stop being the station of romantic reminiscing but that was expected from a poet’s train, except here the poet might find more passengers on board 😛

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  7. Isha, I love this…. I felt like a passenger on your train of thought, and it was a very wise and soothing place to be. I like how the poem had a rhythm that almost mirrored the content, steady and certain. I also like the idea of allowing ourselves to experience thoughts without being ‘lost’ within them. Awesome poem ❤️

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    1. I love that comment so much! I’m sure even I hadn’t given a thought to such lovely symbolism, which is no surprise since this was written when I was 13, in school and far away from any consciously symbolic writing… I feel truly “read” by you, especially in how you’ve traced the rhythm of the train/poem and found insight on being lost in thought… Beautiful! You elevate this poem. ❤ You truly do. I’m going to read this differently from today and NO ONE has ever done that for me. ❤❤❤

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      1. Ok, firstly, you wrote this when you were 13??? Notwithstanding the fluency and beauty of the words themselves, the concept is so much more complex and sophisticated than what I could imagine a 13 year old ever coming up with! Did you exit the womb as a poet Isha? Most certainly your talent is second nature.

        As for my reading of your poem, it was absolutely my pleasure. I didn’t add to it, I just commented on things that are clearly there. But, I am glad it might make you see it differently…. have a fabulous Friday dear Isha ❤️❤️

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      2. Haha! I laughed at that, Rachel! Perhaps I did, since both my parents write poetry and my grandfather is a fine letter writer!
        I fell in love with the English language early on, and started writing at 7. My first poem was published when I was 8… (In the school annual, hehe but that was a glorious achievement for me, and inspired me to write more) The entire purpose of creating the blog was only to post my old poems and stories – which constitute 70% of the posts so far. Only the doodles were created for the blog.

        You’ve ensured that my Friday be fabulous. I’m ardently grateful…🌹🌹❤️

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      3. Wow, poetry is most certainly in your DNA. It’s so evident, not only in how you write, but in how you read and comment. I’m blown away that you wrote in such sophisticated ways from such a young age. Keep writing, always ♥️♥️

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