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I’ve sought long to seek answers to this desperate thirst, this aching pull towards companionship, towards other souls; the need to draw and be drawn to another human – brought out by the innate understanding that one’s burdens weren’t meant to be borne by oneself alone; that the cloak of loneliness was to be shed, once and for all, to seek warmth and safety in the embrace of a loved one.

There rests a deep-seated desire of belonging to someone and being accepted, even in the misunderstood heart of the misanthrope; there grows within the silent, observant introvert, a craving to bare heart and soul and get lost in celebration and conversation; there lies in the heart of the most neurotic, control-freak, a secret urge to be swept up the moment and lose all control… and in each heart beats a call for love, and the need to be someone’s one and only.

Millions of songs composed, tales written, histories explained, mythologies read, artworks done, battles fought – for this, one sublime, supreme, and suppressed sensation of love – yet its show is looked down upon, shunned even, and forced to wear the veil named weakness; while violence, passiveness, stoicism are glorified as strength.

Cupid may be blindfolded, but the world is blind, running about in circles, acting holier-than-thou, failing to see the divinity, joy and immense healing power in love. They hide their expression behind smokescreens and darkness, while swords are brandished in broad daylight, and triggers and blows care not for any cover or pretense.

Oh we’re a lost world, dear reader, and a scared world; and a world that makes away at the first notice of trouble…

And thus, the placid petals shall always fear the violent strength of the terrible thorn, and bloom in silence and captivity, offering their fragrance only when the breeze happens to blow past them, evoking their natural instincts momentarily… the trees shall always remain in fear of being uprooted by some violent force of nature or human, and therefore rustle quietly, when no one listens… the gardens of love shall always remain shrouded in duplicity, masking themselves, resembling a wilderness instead, with here a rose, there a thorn; here a harmless little copse, there a jutting, suspicious, buttress; here a patch of sunny, clear blue sky, and there the dense, fearsome darkness of tall, twisted growths, with their lifelike branches ready to entrap the wanderer; intimidating, eerie and dangerous….

For the world won’t let beauty reign – the world doesn’t understand beauty; the world is threatened by beauty; the world is scared of beauty… and what is beauty, dear reader, but love?

© Isha Garg

Doodle by Isha Garg

81 thoughts on “OF LOVE AND WAR”

  1. Wow, today the alignment of reality must be just so. This is so powerful, so poignant, so very real for me. It speaks directly to my life, with an eerie precision.

    All said and done, this is sublime Isha. A great piece of writing.

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    1. Wow, I’m touched by that comment, Auroraboros! It is always a special moment to be told that a reader relates to my work, for I know that the articles I relate to are so much more precious to me than a mere entertaining read! So thanks for that! 😊

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  2. This writing is beyond stunning, your dear reader, let’s call him ESP 😛 stands up for ovation, not only does he understand everything profound so eloquently presented here but he agrees to all.

    To cite one example:
    Even though we crave to love and be loved as individuals, as a collective we consider it a flaw, a sign of weakness, reason of our undoing. So much better and well put by you in the passage below.
    Millions of songs composed, tales written, histories explained, mythologies read, artworks done, battles fought – for this, one sublime, supreme, and suppressed sensation of love – yet its show is looked down upon, shunned even, and forced to wear the veil named weakness; while violence, passiveness, stoicism are glorified as strength.

    One of the best posts I have read on WP.

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    1. Oh my Goodness, to be greeted with such a heartfelt, uplifting comment is a pleasure beyond description! I like how you have the quality to break things down and bring out the essence, a quality amply reflected in your writing ESP!
      I don’t know what to say for that concluding praise though… Except THANK YOU! 😇

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  3. Awesome work!, This is clearly you allowing yourself to be a vessel/instrument for what you & the rest of the world were created as & that’s love. The ability to “Allow” isn’t something most people are willing to practice. Your delivery resonates because you are on the Love frequency. Anyone with a heart to see can see that you’re one of the awakened souls in this lifetime…..Sorry for being long winded….This is Great!💪

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    1. Please don’t apologize for such a profound, insightful analysis! I have read and re-read your comment and am in awe of your precision!
      We were created as love, and you are so right in calling it an ability to be practiced!
      Thank you for calling me an ‘awakened’ soul… Your comment tells me you are one too!


  4. Yes!
    The world is threatened by beauty; the world is scared by beauty!
    But some of us will, time and time again, relish in it! Will remind others of it, over and over…. never ceasing.
    Tonight I took a walk in the rain, past gnarled moss ridden trees not yet budding. Everywhere was the grey, and I’m sure other folk were focussing on it as they rushed home, damp and downcast.
    But I only felt the crisp, damp air in my lungs …. and looked beyond the barren branches to the early flowers of the season. It is so easy to focus on the negative, to be enveloped by the grey of the world. Yet, even if there are a handful of us in whom hope exists, love exists, that is something. And we can, in our own way, chip away at the dam of darkness. With love and friendship.
    Bravo dear Isha, I thoroughly enjoyed this! Such a fine, expressive write you are.
    We know the truth and weakness of the world, yet somehow, with the purple drapes drawn … we can gaze at the moon and hope. ❤

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    1. Diana, it’s not often that a writer is speechless but you always manage to achieve that feat with your words!
      The world thrives on those that see beauty as you say, otherwise we are a doomed species… Focusing on the good takes strength, courage, optimism and hope. I lived your mentioned experience vicariously, and felt your hope… Looking beyond, looking with a knowing and belief that the flowers will bloom. It is the way of life, unchangeable, and a given. ❤
      Thank-you for being an angel to me with your words of hope, both in and out of WordPress! 😘
      Here’s to gazing at the moon and ‘chipping away at the dam of darkness’ 🍸

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      1. My pleasure, sweet lady!
        And I raise a glass with you to eternal moon gazing to a verbal soundtrack of Rumi’s words … “Love is the bridge between you and everything.” ❤

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  5. Heart-warmingly beautiful and bone-chillingly true.
    But it will not always stay that way. The last wagon of the human train of eight billion people will eventually come home into the station of love and understanding and compassion.

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  6. This is beautiful & poignant writeup, Isha. When you enjoy the wordpower and thoughts behind word, it is certainly a wonderful work.Real beauty lies in selfless love, the love full of honesty & wisdom.
    And once again your writeups are incomplete without lovely artwork!👏📝👌😇

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  7. Dear Isha, it would be a tragedy if you stop writing. There are not a thousand writers who have a voice. Meaning I am not reading, you are reading it to me. That’s powerful, because every emotion I get to hear in your voice, the transitional sigh until the pen stops and your soul says finally. You certainly have pour out of your soul. This piece of writing was a tornado.

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  8. This is so deep and intense. I like the sound of your write up and the train of thought it starts. It’s so overwhelming. I loved it…. You’re, like I always say, an amazing writer. Incredible!!!😊

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  9. As beautiful as you write and I say it is breath taking, it would’ve been faster for you to say you noticed my keen admiration of your voice. : ))
    But still- where would we be if not embarked on a longing journey in search to be a loves beauty…found?
    Until the next…

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  10. You are such a talented writer Isha, be it prose or poetry. This powerful piece makes me yearn to reach out and hug you, to let you know that I am here… That I understand beauty, that I am not scared of it nor threatened by it and I will always let beauty, aka love, reign. Hugs & Love dear friend 😊💛💕

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