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Farmer’s Song

The earth longs for the rain,
the thundering of the clouds;
the freshness in the air,
the retreat of the drought…

When will this famine leave,
when will lives prosper?
When will times improve
and life be better?

For, after the rain,
how fresh the air;
green grasses effulge

Drenched fields produce
in manifold ways,
driving from memory
those tiring, tedious days;

when with no trace of grain,
no drop to drink,
all the vast land stood
on extinction’s brink…

May there never be
such days as those,
no dry spell, no hunger,
no burning blows!

Let us sing out loud,
with one voice,
beseech Heavens for water,
for our wheat and rice!

Let each man stand united,
as one and only one,
To save Mother Earth,
our only home!

© Isha Garg
Doodle by Isha Garg


34 thoughts on “Farmer’s Song”

  1. One part environmental, two parts sentimental with an evocative doodle of clouded eyes welling with rain tears.
    Wonderful post dear Isha.
    You know how fond I am of your posts; sweet gifts ion my WP feed…
    Congratulations on the idea, both noble and responding to desperate times. How we starve and abuse our Mother Earth, and how resiliently she fights to survive despite our pillaging.

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    1. You said it, Diana! ❤
      And she lies ill, desperate for the very medicines she provides us with, care and water…
      This is one of my oldest poems… I grew up writing about Nature, and have a very close connection to it. The life of many artists and poets depends on the life of Mother Nature and this beautiful Earth! 🌈🌏

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      1. Sweet Isha, that you share your heartbeat with nature itself resonates deeply with me. I am happiest in the forest with the wind dancing through the branches overhead, and I treading respectfully.
        Yes, this beautiful Earth indeed … and such a special dedication from you in this post. 🌷🌷❤️

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      2. I can see you in that forest through the mind’s eye! 😊❤ Thank-you for such wonderful words each time, a breath of fresh air, and sparkling starry light from the West, to keep me encouraged and blessed!

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      3. Always a pleasure sweet Isha! But the thanks should be directed first and foremost …to you for your post today. Reading it was a highlight of my evening. Worth staying up a little later for. Yawn, stretch and waving!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. It’s my pleasure to have written for such warm adulation
        ❤🙌 May you have a dreamy night, where your poetic imagination may take majestic flight! 🌃😇👭

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      1. Here, it has been 20 yrs seen River water from Kerala or KA…such terrible fights going on as we all know..god only can help us


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