Ishaisms, Poetry, Soul


Away from this mire,
to serenity and equipoise;
no senselessness dire,
no obstacle, no noise.

Let the river of equanimity,
carry all in its arms;
the world in its entirety,
protected from harm.

Down to the ocean of placidity,
withdrawn from delusion and fear,
amid azure tranquility,
one finds one’s true Self near.

Confusions reign dominant on those
who give in to worldly distractions,
yet one can collect oneself and compose
by meditative contemplation of actions.

When one attains this state of reason,
deriving grace despite troubles of all kind-
unchanged within, through transient season,
one enjoys eternal peace of mind.

© Isha Garg

7 thoughts on “Equipoise”

  1. In so much of your writing and sketching, I see the merging of eastern meditation with western literary style. Your words are an invitation for readers to renew their efforts and continue to self reflect when isolation fatigue is setting in and worldly distractions are so tempting. Thank you once again.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well, your perception is highly on point for many reasons, Xavier, and your praise is always so heartfelt I run out of words to thank you adequately!


  2. Came together beautifully – and appreciate the wisdom permeating from your dear soul to your appreciative readers’. There has never been a more timely Ishaism as we all navigate the challenges and peculiarities of the time.


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