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On the folly of it all…

What’s in art?

Those fleeting passions,

unpremeditated escapades

and that’s all…

They tease with fantasy,

imaginary lands and magic,

leaving behind only memory:

lines, hues, rhythm – that’s all…

Opening lost doors of the mind,

into thoughts tucked far away;

conjuring a dream that is lived

only to abandon, never stay…

For once the pen stops,

I’ve mere words to read as proof

of the places I’ve been ushered out of;

meagre memories of a mirage to cling to…

Back to the din, from equipoise –

the effect dead, the trance gone;

back to ruminate amid white noise,

on the damned folly of it all..!

Β© Isha Garg

Doodle by Isha Garg

28 thoughts on “On the folly of it all…”

  1. Oh how the flourishes of creativity can be dampened by the din of the everyday! Yet, at any moment, the door of the cabinet of artful exploits may creak open and voila…..out streams the mind music and Ishaisms with their delightful doodles! I heart you and your blog …. ❀️

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  2. How generous though, is the inspirational muse to burst forth in music and art, even when being condemned in poetry – perhaps its strength is made of the sweet pleasures that drown out the din of routine, that offer the calm in chaos, the quiet in quandary – like sweet Beethoven whistles and the strong constancy of friendship warmer than the summer sun – even when the damp of the everyday threatens to weaken it with frosty silence.
    Miss you dearest Lady D! The inspiration to doodle again was the gift of a certain airmail – the contents of which were revisited in nostalgia today. πŸ’Ÿ


  3. I hear angst, but laced with a dreaminess that is characteristic of an artist, maybe the trick is never to let the pen stop? at least not the pen in our minds…

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