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Thought I'd type a note to you today though I didn't really know what I wanted to say maybe send the emoji with that really big smile? Nah - that's too eager after so long a while. How about a simple "How're you, everything alright?" - but that's a question and you mightn't wanna reply...… Continue reading Erase

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Little did I expect to be killed with your song... softly like a burning sage sweltering, smouldering, fragrant, in a swirly smoky mist... Prickly pines couldn't kill like your song did, softly... dark forests trodden in quiet evenings... forbidden North Star 'neath shadowy sunset gleaming, glimmering... softly... rhododendrons, red velvet bare branches, and happy valley,… Continue reading Smokin’

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The Light Within and Without

Dear reader, I was talking to my kid sister a few years ago, when she had just begun to form the incessant questions that children do, and talked a mile a minute, expressing her thoughts and jumping from one to the other so quick, I could hardly catch up; when something about our funny, silly… Continue reading The Light Within and Without