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The Light Within and Without


Dear reader, I was talking to my kid sister a few years ago, when she had just begun to form the incessant questions that children do, and talked a mile a minute, expressing her thoughts and jumping from one to the other so quick, I could hardly catch up; when something about our funny, silly little conversation, got me reflecting on the innocent, pure, childlike glow of light around children… and write this down in my diary.

Have you ever noticed that when you talk to children, (well most children, anyway), or are around them, you feel relaxed, sublime, a sense of momentarily unloading the weight you carry all the time and just being there, aware?

I believe that children have a complete and faultless light about them; whereas we adults, on growing up, retain only parts of that light – which shines bright in aspects of us like kindness, love, passion, excellence, compassion, humanity, goodness and such other attributes; but is overshadowed to the point of darkness when we worry, hate, judge, fear, cheat, and so on and so forth. Yet it’s only ever in parts, never as complete as when we were children. Until we die. Then the immortal soul is released from its mortal coil, and comes into its light again, brilliant, magnificent, faultless, complete…

Maybe that’s the reason why children are born with a whole light, because the soul hasn’t begun the process of living in that life, and its light is as bright as new- which starts diminishing little by little as the process is underway. Maybe that is also the reason why we are told not to lose our light, to look to the light within.

The light within– or the inner light, is retained though. As long as we live. You can feel it in others through the

You can feel it in others through the vibe they give off, through the energy you feel around them (uplifted or drained out), and just the general sense of being around them. This inner light is of utmost significance, and needs protection and nourishment- good thoughts, belief and positivity, in the face of trials and hardships. You can see people who do not take care of their inner light when you see them invoking feelings like fear, mistrust, doubt, discouragement, control, and such other vicious emotions, in others; while those that make others feel understood, loved, guided, happy and at ease are the ones at a higher state of virtue, of wisdom, of light.

Our light is what lets us surmount every strife and overcome every obstacle in life, and that is why the glow needs to be kept from shadow- for once you find your inner light, no darkness is ever as dark as before!

Until next time,

© Isha Garg

Doodle by Isha Garg

53 thoughts on “The Light Within and Without”

  1. Isha! How lovely to begin your post by first spending extra time looking at your doodle. It set the tone immediately for the profound thoughts that followed. How I enjoyed this!
    I know exactly what you are saying – I have seen this light both diminished in a youthful person and burning bright in an older; it certainly does not seem to wane at the same rate in all of us.
    I have also had that feeling of connection with children, upon meeting their eyes. A type of recognition. It may come with being an empath, for I believe sensitive souls grasp the light tightly and therefore continue to be in awe of the rainbows around them.
    Beautiful post, beautiful one! ❤️ Shine on…

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    1. Thank you for that wonderful insight, Diana! ❤ You make me think.💭 I’ve always wondered about aura and divine presence; feeling drained out with certain people, feeling scared of some for no reason at all, wanting to be away from them…and then there are those whom I can’t seem to stay away from, just because of how they make me feel without even doing anything… I’ve called it the colour of the soul, the light within and without, but there is something deeper than that. I’ve penned a lot on this topic yet I am still to find the exact answer, if there is one… And you’ve now started a new thought in me..
      Being an empath surely does affect our ability to sense these things.. I’ve had a long struggle with being one, even written long pieces in my diary on it… I used to think it was a curse to feel everything so deeply, but as I’ve grown I feel thankful for this, for it not only makes me write with insight, but actually do good to people who are determined that there’s no one who understands them. I guess that’s why we exist… 🌌💟😊💕

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      1. That is indeed why we exist Isha ♥️ Although it exhausts us we are open to all the energy around us. Speaking for myself I find that makes me approachable and a calm, friendly soul very well suited to my work in the medical field. I get positive feedback almost every day from strangers, but indeed … a dual edged sword. For such a bright light attracts dark moths with ebony dusted wings that can suffocate the gentle empath. I’m so relieved that the majority of souls I’ve encountered are benevolent.
        I love your contemplations concerning the colour of the soul. It’s a poetic way to describe the good and bad and all the varied hues in between. You are a deep thinker and the colour of your soul is mixed rainbow with some heavenly blue. The way you write and the way you read reveals this.

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      2. Diana your words are so deep, so beautiful, so poetic! You’re born to be a blessing! Thank you for painting that colourful picture of my soul in your words! If I could ‘love’ that comment instead of ‘liking’ I would!

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      3. Well, it must be obvious by now … I so enjoy conversing with you! You are an eloquent, and expressive writer and I find myself breaking into a smile even when an Isha notification pings 😊🌷 It’s almost like a Pavlov’s dog response….. and yes, let there be a “love” option here for us, or at the very least “adore”.
        I’m already clicking it in anticipation of your next post

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      4. I know! 🙌 I adore you too! And these beautiful comments you write! Each like a fresh new article! Your name makes me smile too.. I can’t wait to see what you write! The Pavlov expression made me laugh out loud! Haha! I think it was my destiny to meet you on WordPress 😁

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      5. Isn’t this something!?
        You almost have me searching for words … but only because the words are superlatives I may have used before and you deserve a freshness of inspired thought. I want your eyes to sparkle and your heart to smile when you read me.
        Yes, I do see our paths crossing as destiny… sweeter than the scent of any spring rose it is. May your day be veiled in happiness and inner bright, dear Isha 💗👭

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  2. Wow Isha!! I can’t say enough to appreciate this post.. This post is such an enlightening piece of work.. And the doodle highlights it tremendously, resonates perfectly… The aura, the light, the vibes, the positivity around a child is impeccable.. but as we grow, and come in touch with mortal elements, we forget our real knowledge and individuality which is in the absolute service of the lord. If we get in touch with an enlightened soul, our own light grows by leaps and bound. On the other hand, the darkness can be detrimental.. We all desire for a peaceful prosperous society, but how many of us are truly ready to change ourselves.. If only everyone was careful enough and can seek for the absolute truth! The way you have highlighted the eternal soul’s eternal cycle of life and death is so apt… Until the soul finds enlightenment, it is bound to be stuck in this material world.. well done! Loved the post!❤️😍

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    1. Thank you Parth, for those profound, enlightening insights! I like how you talk about coming “in touch with mortal elements”, for it is in the ways of the world, so to speak, that we let go of total truth, total honesty, complete, unconditional generosity, and such other good attributes in their purest, untainted form, little by little, thereby diminishing our light… to become part of the rat race, the world.. The only thing that remains with us, is our inner light, a little bit of heaven, a little reminder that we belong to a higher energy, a simpler, purer harmony! 🌌😇

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      1. So true!! Absolutely loved your thoughts..
        If you don’t mind, I will give a suggestion.. do give Bhagwat Gita a read, if you haven’t and if you don’t mind.. I think you will love it and you will feel it..😊😊

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      2. I had read the Gita years ago, but you’ve just reminded me to give it another read, since I’m more open to its wisdom now. I do not mind at all! 😊 I do a little thing, with my copy of the Gita, where, if something is troubling me, or if I need the answer to a question that is giving me sleepless nights; I randomly open it to a page and the first clause I happen to look upon usually solves my dilemma and gives me peace.. It may sound crazy, but it does work. I believe in universe and magic, and that if you really, really want something, you will get it!

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      3. I have had similar experiences.. It is like, you eventually get the answers when you read it!😊 I have had so many wonderful sensations while reading it.. sometimes even goosebumps.. and definitely, Abhi you are paripakwa to read and understand it in its true sense. 😊☺️

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  3. There used to be a time when I had no idea of the soul and inner light, in fact I didn’t ever think these things existed. I was in the state of believing what I saw and heard. I judged people for the way they spoke and talked, I didn’t look into them to understand their depth and understanding. But all that were mere illusions, they didn’t tell me anything about the person. But later in my life I couldn’t help notice that some people affected me in an inexplicable way, I was drawn to them through the aura they emitted. There was something I couldn’t understand.

    And in time I gradually started defining and and relating people by the light that glowed around them. Your write up takes me back to that phase, that made me look at the world in new way. Your simple and insightful post has moved me in a manner I cannot write down. I am mesmerised to say the least. I have again started on a journey . Your writing pushes the reader to the wall and makes him look with a new pair of eyes.

    What you’re doing with this post is scoring that vital point which will take you to the big league. This is no praise, no, don’t think this to be one, it’s what your writing has done. Whoever reads this post of yours will have a life changing experience, they will come out of this enlightenment bright and with a different perspective of life. What simplicity, like a mother talking to her child.

    This works on so many levels. Your thoughts, understanding and insights are so myriad and intriguing. Thanks for writing this and sharing.

    Thank you!

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    1. Oh my, thank you so much for stopping by with this heartfelt outpouring of encouragement! You say things with such sincerity and honesty, that I’m taken to that world with you, that phase you lived, the before and after of it all…
      Your comment is so particular to your writing style on Kashivology! I must say it’s one of my favourite blogs on WordPress!
      Thank-you so very, very much for this… I’ll be reflecting on your comment for quite some time!
      I particularly loved how you talked about the simplicity of the post… “like a mother talking to her child”… So touching..

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      1. Thanks a lot Isha! And we are not here to talk about Kashivology, but about ISHAISMS, the blog with contents that makes one think and changes lives. I am overwhelmed every time I read a post here. I just want more and more people to read and be inspired.
        And when I think about it, it’s not only the content but the writing too, which is so contemporary yet classic simultaneously, unlike any other writing style.
        Cheers for a wonderful blog. Keep writing. Just round the corner, something big is waiting for you…

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      2. I like the big prediction in the end! Thank you for showering so much appreciation on my blog… Your description of my writing style is elating! Thanks a lot! 😊 Have a great day!

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  4. I can’t appreciate your post enough. It’s essence of what we should look forward to in our journey from adults to children again. A child which doesn’t grow up again. Wonderful post. Keep shining Isha 🙂

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  5. Dear Isha. This is so thought provoking – and so beautiful the way you describe the light that is so inherent with children. We can learn so much from them. Their purity and innocence… I wish that did not diminish as we got older.

    Your inner light shines bright my friend. I sense it whenever I read your work or interact with you.

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