Ishaisms, Poetry

Ebb and flow

Let’s forget old scores,

stand by the peaceful shores,

watch the boats sway and float,

in waters that don’t rage or roar…

but in high tides and low,

reach up, to surrender once more;

at peace, with the ebb and flow

of it all; carrying big and small boats

that both sway and float

by those same peaceful shores

that we stand upon,

as life goes on, and we let go

of all our old scores…

© Isha Garg

8 thoughts on “Ebb and flow”

  1. Isha, what I love about this, is that the rhythm of the poem itself ebbs and flows and creates exactly the lull and the peace that your beautiful words describe. It’s melodic, soothing, it gives the feeling of being on a boat in calm waters. Sometimes we need to let go of those ‘old scores’ – holding onto them can end up eating us from within.

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