humour, Ishaisms, Poetry


Thought I’d type a note to you today
though I didn’t really know what I wanted to say
maybe send the emoji with that really big smile?
Nah – that’s too eager after so long a while.
How about a simple “How’re you, everything alright?
– but that’s a question and you mightn’t wanna reply…
Then there’s also the risk of wrong interpretation –
of simple truth getting lost in digital translation
of what one means/might mean, versus what one says
typing ‘safe’ millennial gibberish...after what one does erase…

© Isha Garg

10 thoughts on “Erase”

    1. Dear Drew, I’m well and really happy to hear from you! Thank you for such beautifully articulated praise! You humble me!

      Miss you too. I hope you’re taking care! Really happy you’re back! xoxo


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