Ishaisms, Poetry


“How many times have people used a pen or paintbrush because they couldn’t pull the trigger?” Virginia Woolf

It’s getting dark, baby
I’m anxious, worried and wry
It’s thundering and raining
lights are gone, and so am I
I walk down the staircase
carpeted in olive green
night slippers noiseless
but my mind screaming
Light the candles in the hall
wishing you’d hold me
so I’d forget my pain
if only momentarily
Once more this mind begins
thinking on a loop, a mad race
to the past…and the future…
and I’m all over the place
thinking how I’ll go on like this
Will I be fine? Am I now?
Why am I always melancholy
and tired…and down…
God…I’m sick of it, baby
sick of it all
perhaps I should just sleep
and wait for the dawn
Wake with a heavy heart
then pour it out in verse
spiral down again
knowing this I don’t deserve
Please don’t ask me how I am
I know I’ll be better in time
I’m not myself now baby
But I will be fine…

Β© Isha Garg

22 thoughts on “Fine”

      1. That is most unfortunate. I’ve been counting the years until I can call myself truly okay, and I’m still counting at the moment. But I have faith that I am getting there. I pray the same for you. ❀

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      2. I understand exactly what you mean. It’s been about 7-8 years that I’ve been off fb, and even though I joined Insta, I keep wanting to leave. It’s sickening. WordPress is a safe haven.

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      3. Yes! I despise the race everyone enters to become the EXACT same as everyone else and then go viral for it πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I wish Tik Tok and all the viral β€œdances” it has spawned would fall off a very steep cliff never to be seen or heard from again. Social media and the spirit behind it makes me gag.


  1. I had to check twice to make sure I was on the blog named Ishaisms.
    I have always admired your poetry, but you have gone off in another
    gentle tangent. This was beautiful and haunting.
    Oh, Isha, I am sighing…..


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