14 thoughts on “With love…”

  1. Beautiful.
    Isha, I just updated the featured content slide show on my blog front page. Your post and image are on the slide show. I wanted to check to make sure it is okay with you. Do I have your permission?
    As for the Youtube stats. There are 246 views. My channel was dropping with every post. It has rebounded with you poems. Thank you. Grateful

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    1. Yes, of course, Drew! You’ve done so much for me.

      That makes me jump with joy! Thank you for the most amazing week I’ve had in the longest time. I have you to thank for every bit of it.

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      1. That’s amazing! Even the busy part, lol. You could hire assistants soon 😌 I’m just elated to be a part of the channel. You’re so appreciative.

        I’m beyond well! I thought I’d email you today but I knew you’re busy. Yes, I will! 💐

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      2. You can email me. LOL
        It’s a pleasure talking to you.
        I do have a question? How do you find inspiration. I am really struggling with creativty. Perhaps, because I am so busy. Who knows.


      3. Ugh. I know that feeling. I’ve had those dry spells/writer’s block or whatever they call it.
        I’ll email you about what helped me in the past, during such times. Perhaps they might work for you.

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