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Dear reader, have you ever flown a kite, or seen people at play – letting the colourful, splendid beauties soar up, try to take off on their own, yet get restrained by the winds of the skies and whims of the master, who control their courses, their destinies?

And then there are those that lie dead, forgotten, telling a story of their own…

Years ago, at a game of kites, I too, had lost one to tricky winds and a giant buttress of an abandoned house in the neighbourhood. Words cannot describe the pain of loss I felt then. I remember having gone through intricate labour in detailing and decorating it, but alas, it turned out to be too fragile for the ferocious gusts!

Looking back, I find it remarkable how little lessons in dejection, loss and letting go, began the moment I began to learn and talk, grow and walk; only to get bigger and better in time, more terrible, more treacherous, more troublesome, as the years passed by and the life lessons got tougher – until I finally learnt that all things are fleeting, even dejection; until I finally learnt to be at peace with loss; and until, the greatest lesson had finally been driven home – that life is an art in letting go.

From losing materialistic things like a favourite toy or a wonderful set of crayons; to losing sensations like composure and strength; to then losing people, and sometimes even yourself, in this game of life – where you may try your best to soar up, spread your wings and claim the skies, knowing all the while that the ultimate power rests in nature and the source of all things – all you can do, dear reader, is make the best of your flight, fight through a furious wind here and a giant buttress there, and emerge victorious, letting go of control and fear – for the lessons will keep repeating themselves until you find it in yourself to remain tranquil in the face of tests, and the vicious cycles of success and failure.

In time, you realize that loss is as important a part of life as gain. If you weren’t mortal, life wouldn’t be as precious, as immediate, and as exquisite – qualities that make you strive to live each day to its fullest and keep that heart beating, beating, beating within.

Loss is a constant reminder of being utterly powerless in the face of control – of both the future and the beyond ; and completely powerful and potent in matters of the here and now – and this one kite of the present is yours to fly as far as you can take it.

Are you ready to claim your power, dear reader?

Until next time,

© Isha Garg

Doodle by Isha Garg

47 thoughts on “KITES”

  1. It was high time for a dose of Ishaism philosophy, what is delivered here is more profound than what the followers expected and proving my point is the quote below (there are more but thats for you to find, fellow followers) 🙂
    “If you weren’t mortal, life wouldn’t be as precious, as immediate, and as exquisite – qualities that make you strive to live each day to its fullest and keep that heart beating.. ”
    The writing is brilliant too. I choose to enjoy the text and not providing any smart comments on the topic.

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    1. Thank you so much, ESP! It’s always a thrill to be quoted back, especially from such a meticulous reader!
      P.S -Your comments are always smart – let’s get that out of the way. They’re usually a challenge to reply to, but not today, of course, since you chose to ‘enjoy the text’ as you put it haha.

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    1. What a wonderful and intimate memory to share, Scotty! Bread-wrappers and newspapers are indeed widely used to make kites. Loved what you wrote… Brings back so many memories, my goodness! Thank you


  2. I absolutely love this essay Isha! Your old soul is offering calm, sage words to my teenaged inner self.
    And thank you, o fate…. for saving this post for my “reading catch up” vacation…..fresh mountain air firing the synapses in full anticipation of your soothing philosophies. How lovely your vignetted doodle looks on my lap bound lap top 🙂 Three cheers for a splendid write and a twirling hip hip hooray ❤

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    1. Fate must have known that you’ll be in the mountains, which is why it saved this. “Sage words” are spoken only on WP, Diana, hahah (as you very well know). Thank you for your words from the bottom of my heart ❤😘

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  3. “When these gliding bits of paper
    sway and float in the sky,
    resemble an epitome of human ardour
    high and high and high!”

    I was once observing kites in the sky and felt something similar. It’s beautiful how we project ourselves on the things surrounding us and find narratives that speak to us. Even better is the realisation that these narratives, while imagined individually, work in a one-size-fits-all kind of manner to so many of us. Your ‘Ishaism’ really made me nostalgic ❤

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    1. Oh WP needs an Adore or Awed button for what you just wrote… The verse, the wonderful piece of reflection… Read it twice. ❤ Thank-you Neha for writing something so thoughtful and philosophical on Kites. I’m so glad it made you nostalgic for it certainly brought out marvellous words!

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  4. I guess letting go can actually be empowering in ways more than one. As difficult as letting go can be, holding can be equally dangerous; perhaps if we never lost something we would never realise the importance of what we lost, we would shamelessly take that for granted. Yet again when we lose something, the loss can be devastating but we can always reflect on the shared memory 🙂

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    1. Oh I absolutely agree with you, Parikhit. It’s close to two years now that I wrote this and I’ve had to let go of so, so many things and unfortunately, people, that I feel like somewhere my past self was trying to prepare me for what was to come – and like you said, it is empowering. Truly. Letting go is humbling and empowering indeed. Thanks for your thought provoking, beautiful words!

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      1. And I must thank your for sharing your beautiful posts with us! Truth be told I keep looking forward to them to show up and in my feed and I know I will definitely smile, think and ponder.
        I have to add, letting go is so hard, can take a toll but with time, I have noticed the subtle goodness it brought about. I was mentioning to someone that an unfortunate incident had to occur so that the good thing could occur. Rather he goes about telling me that I am justifying the good thing or that it wouldn’t have occurred had there been no chance of letting go. I decided not to confront because I have always believed in a cosmic pattern. Things end so that others can begin and not for other things to begin some things must end. Wow, now I sound confusing! 🙂

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      2. And yet, you make absolute sense. I totally get that. The way I see it, your experience of letting go enlightened you and evolved you to a novel way of perceiving things – the way hardships lead to evolution of character and soul. Your friend may still be on that path and his journey might not have led him to an experience that would aid him in appreciating your perception, (if that makes sense), which is why he responded the way he did. Your reaction of non-reaction seems like a testimony to my understanding of your spiritual evolution.
        Before I sound too crazed, I’d like to thank you again for your lovely words. It makes re-sharing old posts worth it. 🙂

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      3. You don’t sound crazed at all. Rather you make so much sense but I am certain anybody reading these exchange of comments would think of us as two silly crazy folks! 🙂 Letting go and enlightenment, you put it to well Isha!
        Please keep sharing the posts again, they are true gems 🙂

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      4. Haha. Indeed. But that’s the thing about good conversation, it engages and provokes and leads to creation. If that is crazy, well, I wouldn’t want to be any other way. 😁
        Thank you once again.

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