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On Divinity

There are so many among us today, who could tell us about what they believe to be the divine; and justly so, for divinity, by virtue of its flexible, interpretative nature, is something that is at once subjective and personal. Then why is it, dear reader, that this topic has been expounded to no end,… Continue reading On Divinity

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Time is such a deceptive concept – but then again, that’s all it is… a concept. It has different moods, and plays different roles; sometimes solemn, sometimes frivolous; sometimes a healer (or mostly, just a drug); and sometimes a nagger. It takes different forms, like water;coming like the waves that break upon the shore, and… Continue reading THE TIDE OF TIME

Ishaisms, Poetry

Cusp of a Kiss

Never again will the same sandy shore be treaded upon oblivious to the crowds of sunbathers and poets. Never again shall the salty sea breeze blow past this northern terrain or mistletoes be gathered prematurely by the suspecting Cupid! It's run its course - whate'er it was - a blue moon, a passing storm... We'll… Continue reading Cusp of a Kiss