Ishaisms, Poetry


My fingers don’t feel like themselves today –
they don’t hold my pen as they are wont to;

they don’t scrape words out of ink, on the parchment,
or tap the temple to stumble across a new one or two…

My mind doesn’t feel like itself today
It composes no rhyme as it is used to;

it dramatizes not every tiny moment and event,
nor poetically analyses situations in every shade and hue…

My heart feels not like itself today
it pours out no confession or emotion as it is used to.

It instead takes to feeling nothing, having no care or worry –
a feeling that to my whole person is something entirely new…

My eyes don’t feel like themselves today –
they behold no ‘bright side’ as they would like to;

they shed no tear, they see no sunlight;
to them, today, their whole world seems blue…

My lips don’t feel like themselves today –
they speak no philosophies and theories as they love to.

Instead they lock themselves in silence,
as though the world has opposed them to a mute…

I don’t feel like myself today –
my faculties have strayed from my soul, as they never used to;

my heart and mind are not in harmony today,
and I must wait, till they’re joined again in tune…

© Isha garg

Doodle by Isha Garg


34 thoughts on “NOT MYSELF TODAY”

  1. And what a soulful lament in honour of the “feeling out of sorts” moments.
    Luckily I am myself today ….just another Isha fan, falling for your words, your story and an absolutely delightful and imaginative doodle. Your posts are crammed full of you to delight every time. Happy Day dear friend 💗🍫💗🍫

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  2. When sadness is crawling stealthily inside, there is a moment of realization when one knows about the changes occurring inside, which eventually shows on the outside. But for this, being observant and living in the moment is the key, and when one is living in the moment being observant, poetry like this is written.

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    1. hahaha! You truly are a meticulous and precise reader!
      (Extra effort on the doodle explained by your comment, lol)
      P.S. If I could write like the “we readers” you so humbly talk of, I’d certainly not be a mere mortal 😊😍

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      1. Well ..I think the best response to your reply would be to lol with you on this.
        Even though they say that writing about personal limitations liberates you from them, I think you must enjoy the moments when you feel you are not yourself, it’s like finding a new person withing, new ideas, thoughts and content

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      2. Always food for thought – your comments 👌
        Spinning literary crap is as necessary as writing decent literature I think. It keeps one sane lol.


    1. I think you’re one of the few meticulous readers who really tapped into the essence of this one, dear Walt! I’d intended this to be funny (something surely went awry! 😜), and show how even in not being myself, I’m nothing but! 😁

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