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It’s funny how I’ve never had a conversation as honest, as deep and as “me” as I had, and still do, with my diary- or journal- call it what you will. And it’s funny since that’s not really a conversation; a one-sided one at most.  Any person who ever came as close to being a “confessional” or a sanctuary for my soul to rest in, played a brief and temporary role in the film of my life; the credits rolled in when they left, the honours were awarded, but my story went on, as it always will, and the only true companion has been my diary.

Yet I continued surprising myself, testing my capabilities and wondering what makes me, me.

I began to sense how, the more I grew up, the more the years passed – the more I learnt that not everyone possessed the understanding or the guts to dive into the deep ocean of my thoughts, to enter my mind- that foreign land that scared them so. Who knew what might pop up in those unchartered waters? Who knew what darkness lurked behind the rocks, waiting to lash upon them and choke their beliefs to death?

Yet those that did dare to swim within the unknown, emerged enlightened and free, knowing a little more of the true “me”; and in turn, showing me their true self… for in seeing me as I was in the ocean of thoughts, with something new at every bend, these people showed me the most vulnerable that they themselves could be, what sacred them, what they thought, what they felt… They dared to question. They were not afraid of breaking the rigid walls of belief. And so, they were able to take a little bit of me, and I, of them. Yet those that were still afraid to discover themselves, to get in tune with their higher selves, and let their guard down, misunderstood me, judged me and as a result didn’t remain long in my life.

Somewhere down the line I also found that we were cherished most by people, most similar to us…

We were all a little scared, a little chained by beliefs and systems and norms- but in the purest state, when we spoke the simple, unvarnished truth, we found our kindred spirits, our twin-flames, our soul mates, our friends, our lovers and our people.

Of course some were frightened by us… and mounted their high horses, so to speak, to ride off into the sunset painted by beliefs- whose beliefs?– who could tell…?

Yet to find out who we belong with, we have to take that risk, we have to be ourselves.

 Have you ever wondered, dear reader, what makes us speak our truth and show ourselves as we are? What makes some connect to us so much more than the rest? What makes us so deeply loved by some that it makes them question how they had ever carried on without us? How do soul mates, friends of our very souls, meet? What does it mean to “know” another?

Even if someone were to read my diary word to word, and know me on a day to day basis, they wouldn’t know me in the entirety… I believe some part of a person’s soul is meant to remain hidden, inexplicable and untainted. That is what makes us, us. Our vibe, energy, mannerisms, beliefs, power, emotion, everything contains a little bit of this magic element.

I call it the colour of the soul.

Why does a person stand out in the crowd to you? Why does a certain writer move you in the way they do? Why does the mood of a certain piece of music, by a certain musician, make you feel like home? Why does a painting, by a certain painter, catch your eye every single time?

their colour resonates with the colour of your soul.

The colour of the soul is secret, ancient, eternal, immortal, undiscovered and nameless.

People see different colours of us in the canvas of our being, yet one colour that we always carry and that reflects itself in every painting we ever paint in the art of life, is the colour that cannot be seen or felt in the colour palette.

That is why no one can ever truly know another soul fully, without a shadow of a doubt; and the people who we claim know us fully, are only the ones whose colours mesh so beautifully with our own, that without them, our artistry never lives up to its true potential, never reaches its zenith…

We know, but never fully; we love, but never wholly; for all true knowing; and all true loving, lie within.

© Isha Garg

Doodle by Isha Garg

86 thoughts on “COLOUR OF THE SOUL”

  1. How beautiful are your thoughts. That a soul has colour truly strikes a chord with me … or in mentioning a “chord” perhaps there are frequencies in others we harmonize with. Whatever it may be – just the way that you have expressed makes me think we have a connection 😊🌹

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  2. WOW…I am fulfilled, yet I have to come back and read this again. It is too much to take it all in one setting. I push away from the table and ask, what are you trying to do to me…lol… the serenity of the flow and the tranquil of digging to deeper to claim the unknown yet it is still not known, but there is something, a connection beyond the 5 senses. Sorry, I could write just off of what you write…maybe not as masterful. I hope you have published a book. This is part of your legacy. Generations unknown will need this.

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    1. Poeticallyyours360 😭 I’m crying tears of happiness… What you wrote is perhaps the most beautiful feedback I’ve ever received for this… I am working on my book… I’ve been soul-searching and finding life in the ashes for the Phoenix-like rise to rebirth… And these are just bits of musings that I found in my time amidst those ashes… I am overwhelmed and truly humbled by what you said.. To call it just a comment would be injustice.. You’ve made my soul dance within. Thank you, thank you!!

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      1. Believe, that is not flattery, it is truth. I just self-published my own book in December. You have survived on purpose. you write not just for the moment…you sure will have an eternal audience, because you write from the soul… please never surrender it to the frailties of us humans. You have been blessed to be a blessing.

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  3. Lovely post dude!! Just lovely!! You write amazingly well!! The ideas are so good , so fresh.. loved how you presented the soul and the colour.. i really started imagining people with different coloured vibes.. and was wondering what can be my Color!!
    Amazing yaar! Keep it up! Exceptional writing!👏

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      1. I am also a newbie re!! And I firmly believe that we should never loose slack when complimenting especially when the work is deserving… And you have amazing talent. It is my pleasure to read and appreciate it!!😊
        Keep writing!😊

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  4. Exquisite, intimate, brilliant..I am running out of adjectives that may do justice to the color of your thoughts expressed so beautifully here, if not the color of the soul that triggered the thoughts. The reason of my failure is partly because of the limitations of language and partly because of the limitation in understanding the soul in its entirety.

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  5. I don’t think you need any other adjective or that your expression is a “failure”, as you so dramatically put it, 😏 for your touching point has come across wonderfully to me 😊🌷 💭 many thanks to you for such a heartfelt comment 📝👌🙏

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      1. Thank you ESP! This was the journal entry that made me want to start blogging.
        Didn’t you find the re read of the comments (with my lavish and creative use of emojis) amusing? 😛

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  6. This was so amazing. Your thoughts are so like mine. ”some part of a person’s soul is meant to remain hidden, inexplicable and untainted… totally agree with this 💞

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  7. Its pretty awesome being a little bit mysterious! 🙂
    I feel that everyone we meet is no coincidence. I just learned about St Raphael, Angel of Happy Meetings from this blog post.
    Was super interesting 🙂 Hope you like it too
    Also, intriguing picture detail…… what do they mean to you?
    I think you’d enjoy my stuff
    Stop on by:
    love and hugs

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    1. Love and hugs to you too for such wonderful comments on my posts! I will visit both the links as soon as I can.
      I see St Raphael mentioned in books on the cosmos, law of attraction too.
      The picture to me represents the four elements – Water, Earth, Fire, Air – and the fifth, which for me is the colour of the soul. The little 11:11 represents an experience in my life that led to better understanding of my soul. 💛😊


  8. There are some we have an inherent connection with, those rare souls that are brought together by strange circumstances and they unearth within each other a part of them. Soul mates or souls searching for a connection, perhaps but that select few make life beautiful:)

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