Ishaisms, Poetry

Cusp of a Kiss

Never again will the same sandy shore be treaded upon oblivious to the crowds of sunbathers and poets. Never again shall the salty sea breeze blow past this northern terrain or mistletoes be gathered prematurely by the suspecting Cupid! It's run its course - whate'er it was - a blue moon, a passing storm... We'll… Continue reading Cusp of a Kiss

Ishaisms, Poetry


A blood red rose, in her leafy abode, bloomed guarded by a fort of thorns. A slimy green toad, into her garden one night stole, crushing her petals in pursuit of a worm. The worm stuck in his throat; he lay dead on the mossy moat; to be cast away by the gardener next morn.… Continue reading ON LIFE AND DEATH

Ishaisms, Reflections


I’ve sought long to seek answers to this desperate thirst, this aching pull towards companionship, towards other souls; the need to draw and be drawn to another human – brought out by the innate understanding that one’s burdens weren’t meant to be borne by oneself alone; that the cloak of loneliness was to be shed,… Continue reading OF LOVE AND WAR