Ishaisms, Poetry

A Happy Heart

Look beyond the thorns to the red rose bushes

for beautiful leaves on twisted branches

azure streams amid treacherous forests

dark clouds that the sustainer of life houses…

Prickly pines with their pristine reaches

diamond dews on the morning grasses

the gleaming orange tree when the sun rises

the God painted hues of varied sunsets…

Snowflakes that look like pearly brooches

oil painted inspiration in balmy sketches

cheeks kissed by love’s first blushes

all that this poetic soul arouses…

See how there’s so much that pains yet more that pleases,

how the world is rife with suffering and even its releases,

how even in the storm, the garden sways and dances,

and how, for a happy heart, sadness quickly passes…

© Isha Garg

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