Heart, Ishaisms, Poetry

The Trial of the Heart

The heart was tried for feeling, the heart was accused of late healing, The heart had nothing to say in defense, for the heart had never known any pretense... The judges were the minds of those, who'd crushed their own hearts like a frail rose, who were devoid of any honest expression, yet adept in… Continue reading The Trial of the Heart

Ishaisms, spoken word

The Wild Woods (re-post in spoken word)

Don’t dare to delve so deep, dear child, into the dark woods that you cannot find your way back… The woods are green and glorious, yes, but the woods are grim and ghastly too. The tenacious woods will trap you within themselves, closing in on you, climbing up your very toes, causing you to tumble… Continue reading The Wild Woods (re-post in spoken word)