Musings of an Old Soul

My soul is made of memories as intricate as the stars;
there’s no emotion I haven’t felt before, no trade I haven’t learnt by heart.
There are places I’ve visited in lifetimes long ago –
pictures of Greece and Egypt and Rome, are not mere pictures to me anymore.

That’s how I know I’ve known you,
that’s how I recognise
a student I might teach in a crowded class; a doctor; a farmer, through his eyes.
It’s your aura that introduces you,
even before we meet
and even if we never do, at times I know, you’re more than just…a stranger in the street.

I’ve made connections more intimate – than those I know by routine –
in those that have crossed my path in prose, poetry…or somewhere in between.
I know you; I’ve known you, but I know that silence, here, is a golden rule –
you cannot know in how many lives before, I have felt and beholden you!

You see with your waking eyes, you’re bound to your body;
chained to this life, you make peace with death rendering you a memory.
If only you knew, there’s so much more, if only to see, you dared –
if only your acquired values in this lifetime, did more than just keep you afeared,
You’d know this too, you’d know me too, and cry aloud with joy –
you and I are beyond labels and flesh, beyond ‘father‘ and ‘mother‘ and ‘girl‘ and ‘boy‘!

Don’t dismiss old memories as coincidence,
or a meaningful glance as a passing thing –
dare to believe what your soul already does,
dare to look within.
Sometimes what we see, is seen before.
Sometimes what we know is already known.
What you’re bound to, aren’t merely the ties that bind,
but also the ones you remember… and find.

© Isha Garg

Dear reader, sometimes I ‘get’ entire poems in dreams – this was one of them. I haven’t been wanting to post much lately, you’d know why – but for this, I was called to. Hope you enjoy it! Do feel free to share any thought or feeling this might have inspired, I’d really love to know. Have a rewarding day!

26 thoughts on “Musings of an Old Soul”

  1. Reading this took me back to the heart-mind space when the title of my blog Infinite Living descended on me. It just came from a space of me feeling this soul or being that just doesn’t relate to any title or label given to me or my relations – just felt expansive and intricate in how we intersect with each other and have a knowing of our real roles for each other while our existence holds infinity beyond those. I appreciate your invitation – Dare to look Within – that courage is very endearing to me. There are no coincidences, not even the fleeting glimpses. I loved being deeply immersed in this space again through your words.

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