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The Wild Woods (re-post in spoken word)

Don’t dare to delve so deep, dear child, into the dark woods that you cannot find your way back… The woods are green and glorious, yes, but the woods are grim and ghastly too. The tenacious woods will trap you within themselves, closing in on you, climbing up your very toes, causing you to tumble terrified upon dead trunks of the dreaded trees. The tempting fruits will turn poisonous and pernicious upon touching, for the trees don’t pardon pugnacious people anymore, they punish. Every old root in the engulfing wood will make effort to entangle your feet and bid its eerie branch to ensnare you with elongated arms. The wild undergrowths, the warning wind, the waterless stream, and wilting flowers will watch you – the intruding wanderer – who wasn’t, and will never be welcome to the wilderness.

For these, are the silent survivors; the ones who made their way through the earth into the world in defiance of all warning, all whispers of brutal beasts armed with axes, ready to uproot and unhinge and unsettle. They escaped death, protected themselves and watched, watched, watched. They watch, and will watch. They are watching you.

For these are the survivors. And they don’t pardon anymore.

© Isha Garg

Doodle, audio by Isha Garg

Picture courtesy Pinterest

79 thoughts on “The Wild Woods (re-post in spoken word)”

  1. On the surface this looks like a lovely doodle and the words inspired from it, great writing as always, that goes without saying.
    But beyond the appearances, beyond the sinister nature of the woods, ESP sees the guide warning the dear child. The guide who knows the woods and its dwellers, their struggle, suspicions and justifications so well, you might think he too is a member. An introduction to the woods the child is about to take a plunge in. Except its not the woods, but the world as we(along with the guide) know it.

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    1. ESP sees a lot, right into the depths of the dark woods! The words that catch my eye in your multidimensional comment, are “warning”, “struggle” and of course, “member”! 📝 You describe my posts so well that I sometimes feel like using your words to explain them! 💭

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      1. Your posts are multidimensional, you leave your readers no choice 🙂
        Reading you is an immersive experience, can’t help these descriptive comments.

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  2. This is one of the most enjoyable pieces I have read in quite a while. It reminds me of the story “The Willows”, by Algernon Blackwood, which was a critical piece of writing for me from an early age and is still one of my favorite reads on a calm, dark night…

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, and I will be sure to look “The Willows” up, since I would love to read anything along the lines of the “The Wild Woods”, which is one of my most loved pieces, if I may say so myself!😊 Thank-you for the kind words!

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  3. Oh your writing,…. always depth of thematic content and a journey on which I happily embark. But there’s something more than meaning to admire, sweet Isha!
    The delectable language here: the alliterative runs that meld so beautifully into the flow of this piece. There is colour in your doodle and even more in your words! I’m urged to read you out loud, and I succumb …. 😌💜🌸🙏🏻

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  4. A very well explained insights of the world with the aid of woods to a child , love the thoughts & concept behind the words complimented by lovely doodle artistry work.👌📝☺

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    1. Thank you so much for your flattering and heartfelt comment, prashantt! 🙌 I’m glad you attached meaning in the sense of the world too, yet my only endeavour with this one was to spread awareness about the plundering of the environment… The inspiration came to me on a late night drive some time ago, when I witnessed a terrible forest fire… I wondered what if someday those trees spoke for themselves and were able to protect themselves, in this world itself… They probably do in a parallel universe! Nature is forgiving and giving.. Surely it won’t last forever, what with our attitudes towards it

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      1. You’re welcome, Isha.
        Right said & i am amazed to see your thoughts over condition of nature & creed showed in your words & art, infact i can now exactly relate the art with words.
        You sketches are wonderful & words speaks in same page with it.
        Keep writing & have a great day ahead!😊👍


  5. You give us another interesting tale with a lot to ponder about. You have a certain character (I don’t know what it actually is) in your writing that gives depth to things and stories. Now this particular writing teases our reasoning and conscience at many different levels.. what a writer you’re.. !😊

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