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The gate is unguarded; moss carpets the stony path
a solitary keeper sits smoking a forgotten leaf
looks but once at me, quite carelessly,
then turns his back – I’m used to this.

I search his eyes for a sign
I’m new here too, like everyone else,
Would he guide me? His eyes give the swift reply
Pariahs don’t dwell with ‘everyone else’

I take that as my answer,
and walk furthur to the open graves.
No flowers, here – none brought, none left –
excluded and shunned, even in death.

Now I wander ‘neath the starry skies,
watch fathers, mothers, put to bed
hear sons’ and daughters’ silent cries…
knowing, only my loneliness mourns me dead.

© Isha Garg

41 thoughts on “Pariah”

  1. It’s beautiful, such a talent you have, sweetie. It reads like one of those beautiful, short arty independent films. I could totally see it, all beautiful in sepia with gorgeous music…and you narrating
    You channel much deep emotion in your poetry, Isha mou xxx (‘mou’ means ‘my’ in Greek)

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    1. Mou Fiery, that is a beautiful comment. One that makes my day each time I read it. Your words have a certain sincere kindness that can only come from a true soul, I believe. Your comment helped me imagine it as a short film too. Thank you for this ❤️😘

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    1. It’s a relief that you liked that line, Infinite Living (sorry, don’t know your name), because this poem was an inspired piece and I didn’t really think of any line, just wrote it as if in a trance – but stopped before the last one and then conjured this up. I kept feeling it’s a misfit to the pattern, but your comment here has me jubilant! Thank you!

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      1. That line really impressed upon me with a feeling that dropped me in and no words for anything else, I found it stunning. You were still in touch with that trance energy and ended beautifully 🙂

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  2. Reading your finale has me in tears. It was so beautiful. No, it was beyond beautiful
    You are one of the best poets I have ever read.
    So sorry, I am so late to this post. This week has been so hectic for me.
    This is gorgeous. I feel as if your soul recited it to us. (Yes, now I can hear you reciting
    your poetry). lol. Will have to change the name to The Crazy Lonely Author.
    A year or two ago I made comments during your Boatman series; I said you are so much more than just a poet. You are an amazing story teller. This one had me sighing from start to finish,
    I am learning about poetry reading you my dear friend.

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    1. ❤️

      I didn’t even know how to respond to this, Drew. I’ve read it multiple times and am humbled by your adulation. A soul reciting is such an inspiring thought.. Goodness!

      Nothing crazy about that, I hear you in your words too. How fabulous is the human mind! Hehe.

      The Boatman Series…ah, good times. It was driven purely, purely by its readers and well, there never would have been a series if you hadn’t egged me on.

      Your words have swept me off (to the clouds with poetry Gods as you say), and I am not descending anytime soon.

      Thank you, dearest friend!


    1. Hints of Life – might I take a moment first to compliment you on that beautiful blog title?

      I thank you for your kind words. That’s how I always describe myself…a storytelling poet. You honour, humble and move me by saying it makes you sit back and re read… Makes me realise how connected the global collective can be through art, though walls, borders and now, a pandemic, may divide us.

      Have a blessed day!

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  3. This is really melancholic. It’s amazing how you fuse storytelling and poetry together with such ease, it was really smooth. The last line is amazing, it leaves a mark on you forever. It was sad but so so beautiful. I’m so grateful to have gone through your work and learnt from it, you’re a really exceptional writer Isha. Loved this piece ❤

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