Ishaisms, Poetry

Trojan Horse

Lady Luck stroked my face on a moonlit night
her gifts were plenty, her grace benign.
I let myself wilt into a giddy sleep
“Fortune hath chosen my bedside!”

In the morning, horrified, I wake to see
the hue and cry, the dole and mire;
“All lost!” “All lost!” is all they repeat…
All is lost in the fire.

I fall on my knees and upon her feet,
“Why?”, I ask, “What was my wrong?”
Says she, “‘Tis the lesson I’m born to teach:
grieve thine losses and soldier on.”

© Isha Garg

26 thoughts on “Trojan Horse”

  1. Wow, this one conveys a really powerful message! It’s a harsh world out there and Lady Luck is no different. I really loved the last line, it’s what we humans are meant to do. It’s what we’ve always done, to survive. The writing is really amazing, Isha! You always put your heart into your pieces and it works wonders. Loved this ❤

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    1. A harsh teacher, a coveted, yet fickle lover and so much more – yet like all things ever, not without purpose.
      Thank you so much for your kind words and for pointing out the cadence, it’s my favourite part of the poem too! ❤️

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  2. How intriguing, with two reads I experienced differing emotions. Either the reader has multiple personalities or a chameleon is in the verse. Just as peculiar is the dance with Lady luck and her unpredictability. Something that’s not unpredictable? Well…. the quality of your writing. Brava!

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    1. Your words are a delight, both in content and insight! I mean “her unpredictability. Something that’s not unpredictable?” ❤️ LOOOVE.
      I’m running out of reasons to be grateful to beautiful, adorable you.


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